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Lladro Christmas ornament. 3" Christmas tree ball features four white relief panels depicting Christ in the Manger, the Three Wise Men, an Angel and the year 1988. There are blue accents in the corners and at the top. Comes with a red ribbon for hanging. (Stock number 005Lladro4) $40.00 SOLD

Lladro Collectors Society Bells Issued 1991. Both are perfect with original boxes. Approx 3.25" diameter.

Campana Verano - Summer Bell. Grey band at bottom. (Stock number 005lladro1) $30.00 SOLD

Campana Primavera - Spring Bell. Pink band at bottom (Stock number 005lladro2) $30.00 SOLD

Lladro Collectors Society. Bas relief plaque of Don Quixote. Signed by the three Lladro bothers.

Approx. 4 3/4" x 6". Free standing. $25.00 (Stock numner 005lladro3) SOLD

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