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Wedgwood Piranesi Plates

12 images taken from the 18th Century drawings by Piranesi grace these generously proportioned Wedgwood Plates. The exquisitely detailed sepia and white drawings depict noted Italian churches and historic sites. The name of the building appears in Italian below the picture. The name of the building appears in English on the reverse along with a brief description of the building and its historical significance. Each plate also states: "These Piranesi Plates were Selected by and are Distributed Under the Auspices of The Most Reverend Richard Cushing Archbishop of Boston. A Substantial Portion of the Proceeds will Benefit Physically and Mentally Deficient Children of the Poor Irrespective of Race, Creed or Color." Stamped "Wedgwood Made in England Etruria & Barliston" and "Jones McDuffee & Stratton Co. Boston". The plates measure 10 1/2" in diameter. Most have crazing. (Stock number 002p625d) $10.00 each SOLD OUT

A. Veduta dei Romano Campidoglio (The Capital and the Steps of St. Mary in Aracoeli) SOLD
B. Piazza della Rotonda (The Square Before the Pantheon) SOLD
C. Arco di Costantino e dell on Flavio delle il Coloseo (The Arch of Constantine and the Coliseum) SOLD
D. Fontana di Trevi anticamente detta l'Acqua Vergine (Side View of the Trevi Fountain) SOLD
E. Veduta sul Monte Quirinale dei Palazzo dell Eccellentissima Casa Barberini (The Barberini Palace) SOLD
F. Piazza del Popolo (Piazza del Popolo) SOLD
G. Basilica di S. Paolo (Interior of St. Paul Outside the Walls) SOLD
H. Sta. Maria Maggiore (Basilica of St. Mary Major) SOLD
I. Basilico e Piazza di S. Pietro in Vaticano - Piazza di San Pietro (St. Peter's Basilica and Square in the Vatican) SOLD
J.Veduta del Ponte e Castello Sant 'Angelo (The Bridge and Castle of St. Angelo) SOLD
K. Castello Sant 'Angelo (The Castle of St. Angelo) SOLD
L. Vedutta della Basilica di S. Giovanni Laterano (St. John Lateran) SOLD

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