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the-forum is a commercial service providing the www with information on the arts, antiques, and collectibles. It is sponsored by advertisers.

Goods for sale at this site are supplied by multiple dealers. All orders should be placed directly with the-forum which will forward the orders to the appropriate dealer.

All sales are made by the dealers. the-forum is not a party to the sale, nor is it an agent for either the buyer or seller.

Dealers set their own payment, credit card, and return policies. the-forum requires all dealers to offer at least the following minimal policies.

1. Shipment within 7 working days of receipt of payment (14 days for payment by check) - unless the customer has been notified and agrees to an alternative schedule.

2. Returns for any misrepresented or misdescribed item provided the buyer notifies the seller within 5 days of receipt of the item.

We do not perform valuation or appraisals of items you own. We recommend hiring a certified appraiser for items of significant value and the use of libraries and other sources of reference books for lessor items.

Although we utilize some HTML enahncements, our goal is to allow users with any browser to access this site. We have consciously limited graphics to those which enhance the antiques and art offered for sale. We recognize that we won't be the prettiest site on the web but we hope that the content will speak for itself.

This site is always under construction. In spite of this, there are no known dead ends.

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