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Glassware & Glass Collectibles

9045 20th Century Glass, Building & Caring for Collection, NP, PB-144 Pgs., 6x9", Color & b/w photos, How to collect, resources, Etc. 12.95

1049 400 TRADEMARKS ON GLASS, PETERSON, alphabetical index, PB-NP, 56 pgs, 100's glass companies, illustrated 5x8" 9.95

8072 Glass (Great American of the Roaring 20s & Depression Era Book #2), 2000PG, Measell, PB-416 Pgs., Color Photos! 34.95

3331 Anchor Hocking Catalogs 1940 - Present, 2003-04 PG, Hopper, 253 Color Photos, PB-160 Pgs., All types of items shown, more! 29.95

3043 Anchor Hocking Pitchers & Glasses, Depression Yrs, 2002PG, Hopper, PB-127 Pgs., 9x11", 310 Color Photos, Descr., Etc. 24.95

3042 Anchor Hocking Pitchers & Glasses, Fire King Yrs., 2002PG, Hopper, PB-127 Pgs., 9x11", 350 Color Photos, Descr., Etc. 24.95

7248 Antique Glass (Starting to Collect), NP, Sandon, HB-189 Pgs., What to buy, where & why. Fakes, Color Photos, Much more info! 25

2013 Art Glass, American, Coll. Ency., Shuman, HB-336 Pgs., 1999 Prices, 700+Color Photos, Marks, Dates, Descr., Etc 8x11" 29.95

7148 Art Glass, How to Compare & Value, 2002-03 Values, Miller's, HB-176 Pgs., 120 Items in Color, Descr., Detailed Info, Much More! 27.50

4066 Art Glass Identification & 2003-2004 Price Guide, Shuman, PB-255 Pgs., Color Photos, 1500 Prices, American & European, More! 27.95

2164 Avon Coll. Ency., Bud Hastin's, 17th Edit., 2004 PG, PB-640 Pgs., Items from 1886-2004, 1000's of Photos, Descr., Much More! 29.95

3224 Avon's 1876 Cape Cod Collection (Glass Dinnerware), 2003 PG, Coe, PB-110 Pgs., 11x9", Color Photos, Descriptions, Much More! 19.95

3343 Bells of the World (Collectible Glass), 2003-04 PG, 623 Color Photos, 29 Countries Represented, All types of glass bells are shown! 39.95

8031 Black Glass Book #2, Collector's Guide, 99PG, Toohey, PB-128 Pgs., 8x11", Color & B/W Photos, Complete Descr., Info, More! 29.95

3209 Blenko Catalogs: Then & Now, 1959-1961, 1984-2001, 2002-03 PG, Pina, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., Much More! 29.95

3727 Blenko Cool 50s & 60s Glass, 2000PG, Pina, HB-206 Pgs., 9x11", 600+ Color Photos, Descr., Much Info, Designers, Dates, More! 39.95

3659 Blenko Glass 1962-1971, 2000PG, Pina, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 180 Color Photos, Many Blenko products shown, Descr., Much More! 29.95

3823 Blenko 1972-1983 Catalogs, 2001PG, Pina, HB-160 Pgs., 9x12", Color Photos, Descr., Sizes, Chronology, Much More! 35.00

7154 Bohemian Glass 1880-1940, Collectible, Truitt, 1995 PG, HB-176 Pgs., Color Photos, Catalog Reprints, 1000 pieces 8x11" 49.95

7375 Bohemian Glass Volume # 2 1915-1945 (Collectible), 1999 PG, Truitt, HB-136 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Sizes, Dates, Descr. 39.95

4011 Bottles ID & Price Guide, Antique Trader's, 2003 PG, Polak, 4th Edit., PB-508 Pgs., 6x9", 1000+ Listings, 300 Photos, More! 17.95

5009 Kovel's Bottles Price List, 12th Edit., 2002PG, PB-255 Pgs., 12,000 Bottles, Avon, Beam, Medicine, Perfume, Beer, Bitters, Sodas, Etc. 16.00

7131 Bottles & Pot Lids, Miller's Coll. Guide, 2002PG, Blakeman, PB-64 Pgs., Color Photos for 130 Items, Fact Files, Tips, More! 9.95

3439 Cake Plates (Mauzy's), 2004 PG, PB-158 Pgs., Depression & Elegant Glass, 1920s-1960s, Also chrome, copper tin, plastic plates, Color! 29.95

2137 Cambridge Glass Co. 1930-1934, Vol. #1, 2000 PG, PB-253 Pgs., Illustrated, Descriptions, Sizes, Patterns, Etc 8x11" 14.95

3114 Candleholders (Elegant Glass) 2002PG, Pendergrass, PB-176 Pgs., Color Photos, Includes: Hawkes, Libbey, Pairpoint, Steuben, Etc. 29.95

2309 Candlestick Book, Glass, Akro Agate to Fenton, Vol #1, 2003PG, Felt-Stoer, HB-254 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Large Descr., More! 24.95

2093 Candlestick Book (Glass) Vol #2, HB-288 Pgs., 9x11", All different than Vol #1, 800 Color Photos, History & Information, Much More! 24.95

2420 Candlesticks (Glass) of the Depression Era, 2000PG, Florence, HB-175 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Patterns, Sizes, Colors, More! 24.95

3195 Candlewick: Colored & Decorated Lines, 2003PG, Garrison, PB-160 PGs., 9x11", 410 Color Photos, All types of colored candlewick! 29.95

7001 Candlewick, Jewel of Imperial, Book II, Wetzel, 1995-96 PG, PB-286 Pgs., 100's Color & B/W Photos and Illust., 1000's Items 6x9" 26.95

3058 Candy Containers For Collectors, 2002PG, Braun, PB-144 Pgs., 9x11", 398 Color Photos, Descr., Glass, Plastic, Celluloid, Etc. 24.95

2121 Carnival Glass, Standard Ency. 9th 2004 Values, Edwards, HB-432 Pgs., Color Photos, 2000 Patterns, 200 New Patterns Shown, More! 29.95

2157 Carnival Glass Price Guide 14th Edit., 2004 Values, Edwards, PB-96 Pgs., Use with older editions of Standard Ency., 25,000 Listings! 9.95

3811 Carnival Glass, A Century Of, 2001PG, Thistlewood, HB-256 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Classic-Present Day Glass, 500 Carnival Patterns, Shapes, Colors, Extensive research & information, American, European, South American, Full index, Much Much More! 39.95

2046 Carnival Glass, The Best of the Best, NP, Edwards & Carwile, HB-208 Pgs., 450 Color Items, A Tribute to the Finest Pieces! 29.95

4016 Carnival Glass, Collecting 2nd Edit., 2002PG, Quintin, PB-143 Pgs., 7x10", Color Photos, Descr., Detailed Price & Pattern Guide, More! 21.95

2051 Carnival Glass, Collector's Companion, 2003 PG, Edwards-Carwile, PB-256 Pgs., Best Patterns in Alpha Order, Marks Section, More! 12.95

3388 Carnival Glass, The Art of, 2003-04 PG, Thistlewood, HB-256 Pgs., 700 Color Photos, All types of items, Detailed Coverage, Much More! 39.95

1029 Cartoon & Promotional Drinking Glasses, 2004 PG, Hervey, PB-177 Pgs., Over 3000 Glasses, Pepsi, McDonalds, Sports, Disney, Etc. 17.95

3196 Central Glass Company, 1863-1893, 2003 PG, Hallock, HB-270 Pgs., 9x11", Color & B/W Photos, Patterns, Descr., Catalogs, More! 39.95

3456 Central Glass Works, Depression Era, 2004 PG, Schmidt, PB-190 Pgs., 1910's-1939, 470 Color Photos, History, Descr., Much More! 29.95

3198 Charleton Line, Decoration on Glass & Porcelain, 2002-03 PG, Palmer, HB-176 Pgs., 570+ Color Photos, 50 b/w prints, Much More! 29.95

3536 Cobalt Blue Glass, 2001PG, Clements, PB-144 Pgs., 418 Color Photos, Descr., Glass, Jewelry, Vases, Lamps, Bells, Bottles, 2nd Edit. 24.95

3851 Crackle Glass Too: 1950s-2000, 2002PG, Pina, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 1000s items in Color Photos, History, Descr., Much More! 39.95

2340 Crystal Stemware ID Guide (From Replacements, Ltd) No Prices, Page & Frederiksen, PB-371 Pgs., 1000s Illustrations, Index,8x11" 18.95

3236 Cut & Engraved Glass (Ency of American), 2000PG, Revi, HB-376 Pgs., 9x11", 100's Photos, Extensive research and info, History 69.95

3787 Cut Glass, American Brilliant (Handbook), 2001PG, Boggess, PB-159 Pgs., 9x11", 396 color & b/w photos, Organized by patterns. 29.95

3118 Cut Glass, Identifying American Brilliant, Boggess, 4th Edit., 2001 Values, PB-284 Pgs., 970 Photos, Very good for identifying, 6x9" 19.95

8026 Czechoslovakia, Made In, Book #1, Forsythe, 1997 PG, PB-72 Pgs., 763 Items in Color, Glass Perfumes, Vases, Bowls, Etc. 8x11" 21.95

3634 Delphite & Jadite: A Pocket Guide, 2002-03 PG, Keller & Ross, PB-160 Pgs., 6x9", 1000 Color Photos, Descr., 1930-1970, More! 16.95

3584 Depression Era Dime Store Glass, 1999PG, Miller, PB-144 Pgs., 6x9", Glass sold by dimestores, Tableware, Tumblers, Cut Glass, Etc. 12.95

3161 Depression Glass & Beyond, 2003 PG, Yeske, PB-160 Pgs., 6x9", 369 Color Photos, 1920s thru 1970s, Identifcation guide to patterns! 9.95

6009 Depression Era Glassware, 4th, 2002PG, Luckey PB-224 Pgs., 9x11", Illustrated & Color Photos, Pattern Listing & Index, Fakes, Etc. 22.95

3613 Depression Era Glass by Duncan, 99-2000PG, Pina, HB-173 Pgs., 11x9", 535 Color Photos, Duncan & Miller Glass, History, Etc. 29.95

2003 Depression Glass Ency., Florence, 16th Edit., 2003-04 PG, HB-256 pgs, Color, Section on Fakes & Re-issues, Pattern info, Sizes, All Known patterns shown, Includes many new finds, completely revised, Dates, complete reference! 17 Additional patterns!! 8" X11" 19.95

3617 Depression Glass, Mauzy's Depression Glass: A Photographic Reference 2003-04 Prices, HB-256 Pgs., 1000+ Color Photos, 150 Patterns, 3rd Edition, Includes American & Canadian Depression Glass, User Friendly, Repros marked & described, Much More! 24.95

2006 Depression Glass & More, POCKET GUIDE TO, 14th Edit., Florence, 2004-05 PG, PB-224 Pgs., Color Photos, 4000+ Prices, More! 12.95

4165 Depression Glass Field Guide, Warman's, 2002PG, Schroy, PB-509 Pgs., 5x6", 1000's listings, 500 Photos, quick-find shapes, More! 12.95

3548 Depression Glass Prices (Mauzy's) Handbook, 2004PG, 150+ Patterns, Depr. Glass, Fire King, Etc., PB-224 Pgs.,6th, Color Photos. 9.95

3641 Depression (PINK) Era Glass Pocket Guide, 2001PG Clements, PB-160 Pgs., 6x9", 224 Color Photos, Many Companies, Desc., 2nd. 16.95

2086 Treasures of Very Rare Depression Glass, 2003 PG, Florence, HB-365 Pgs., 9x11", 1000+ examples in color, Famous Companies! 39.95

5083 Kovel's Depression Glass & Dinnerware Price List, 7th Edit., 2001-02PG, PB-244 Pgs., 6x8", 200+ Patterns, Color & b/w photos. 16.00

7268 Depression Glass (Warman's 3rd Edit.) 2003-04PG, Schroy, PB-288 Pgs., 10,000 items priced, 500 Color Photos, 170 Patterns, More! 27.95

3317 Designed & Signed, `50s & `60s Glass, Pina, Wares by Briard, Sascha Brastoff, Bellaire, Higgins 1997 PG, HB-192 Pgs., Color. 29.95

8012 Dugan/Diamond, Indiana & Pennsylvania Glass, Heacock-Measell, 98-99 PG, PB-205 pgs. 100's Items in Color, B/W, More! 34.95

2005 Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era, 11th Edit., Florence, 2004-2005 PG, HB-256 Pgs., 8 « X 11", Color Photos!, Includes: Fenton, Cambridge, Heisey, Tiffin, Imperial, Duncan & Miller, US Glass, Paden City, Etc., 12 Additional Patterns added!, Shows pattern details! 24.95

3830 Elegant Glass: Early, Depression & Beyond, 2004PG, Coe, HB-256 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, 100 different patterns, Dates, Includes: Fenton, Cambridge, Heisey, Imperial, Fostoria, Etc. Pattern & Etching Numbers, Original Company Colors, Essential Guide!! 2nd Edition. 29.95

3778 Encyclopedia of Glass, NP, Mark Pickvet, PB-231 Pgs., 9x11", 3000 Definitions of glass, colors, materials, styles, companies, etc. 19.95

3394 Fenton Burmese Glass, 2004 PG, Coe, HB-191 Pgs., 700 Color Photos, 1970 to Present, Much Info, Descriptions, Numbers, Much More! 29.95

3483 Fenton A-Z, 2004 PG, Walk, PB-189 Pgs., Color Photos, Quick Access to Vital Info, Extensive tables of patterns, colors, dates, Old & New. 24.95

3481 Fenton Glass 1940-1970 (The Big Book of), 4th Edit., 2003PG, Walk, PB-208 Pgs., 844 Color Photos!, Visual feast of products, More! 19.95

2072 Fenton Art Glass Patterns 2nd Edit., 2004 PG, 1939-1980, Whitmyer, HB-368 Pgs., 100s color photos, Descr., Much More Information! 29.95

2295 Fenton Art Glass 1907-1939, 2nd Edit., 2003PG, Whitmyer, HB-332 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, 1000s of listings, Descr., Numbers, More! 29.95

3153 Fenton Glass Cats & Dogs, 2002PG, Coe-McRitchie, PB-112 Pgs., 9x11", 328 Color Photos, 1933-Present, 500 different items shown! 19.95

8002 Fenton Glass Especially for QVC, 2002-03 Prices, Measell, PB-176 Pgs., Over 1350 Items in Full Color, 9x11", Profiles of Designers, all basket handlers marks 1988-2002, a look at "progressives", Descriptions, Fenton ware numbers, History of Mr. Fenton & QVC, Much More! 36.95

3817 Fenton Glass Compendium: 1970-1985, 2001PG, John Walk, HB-240 Pgs., 1164 Color Photos, 9x11", Every color, form, and glass decorating motif employed by Fenton during this period is described or displayed, Informative text, Marks, All types of items shown! More! 29.95

3845 Fenton Glass Compendium 1940-1970, 2002PG, (Book #2), Walk, HB-222 Pgs., 9x11", 913 Color Photos, Many items appear in print for the first time, Includes: vases, pitchers, tidbit trays, candleholders, teacups, bowls, and more! Descriptions, Etc. 29.95

3260 Fenton Glass Compendium 1985-Present, 2003 Values, Walk, 1034 Color Photos, HB-256 Pgs., Fenton's General, Connoisseur, and Special Series Lines, Christmas & Easter Items, Animals, Baskets, Bells, Vases, Candy Dishes, Clocks, Lights, Ringholders, Much, Much More! 29.95

3086 Fenton Milk Glass (The Big Book), 1940-1985, 2004PG, Walk, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 459 Color Photos, Most complete book available! 29.95

3075 Fenton Rarities 1940-1985, 2002PG, Walk, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", 799 Color Photos, All types of rare fenton items shown, Rare Colors, Etc. 29.95

3262 Fenton Special Orders: 1940-1980, LG Wright, Etc., 2003 PG, Walk, HB-224 Pgs., 843 Color Photos, Descriptions, Info, History, Etc. 29.95

3263 Fenton Special Orders: 1980-Present, 2003 PG, Walk, HB-240 Pgs., 900 Color Photos, QVC, Martha Stewart, Cracker Barrel, Etc. 29.95

3062 Fifties Glass, 2000 PG, Pina, 2nd Edit. Italian & Scandinavian, HB-224 Pgs, 378 Color Photos, bios, histories, glossary, Etc. 8x11" 49.95

3107 Fire-King: An Information & Price Guide, 2002PG, Keller-Ross, PB-160 PGs., 2000+ items in Color, Includes Jadite, Opaque blue, Etc. 24.95

2359 Fire King, Anchor Hocking's 2002 PG, Florence, HB-224 Pgs., Dinnerware and Kitchen Items, Color Photos, Materials, 2nd, 8x11" 24.95

3145 Fire King Years & Beyond: Anchor Hocking Decorated Pitchers & Glasses, 2003 PG, Hopper, PB-128 Pgs., 366 Color Photos. 24.95

3581 Fire-King Glasswares, 2nd Edit., 2002-03PG, Clements, PB-144 Pgs., 6x9", 100's items in Color, History, Bowls, Mugs, Ovenware, Etc. 12.95

7127 Flint Glass Co. Catalog Reprint (Approx 1900) NP, General Line & Patterns Shown, Many patterns never before in print, PB-184 Pgs. 49.95

7128 Flint Glass Company Specialties, NP, Catalog Reprint, PB-28 Pgs., Illustrated b/w, Sizes, Many specialties made by Flint Glass Co. 19.95

3821 Flower Frogs for Collectors, 2001PG, Bull, HB-190 Pgs., 9x11", 600+ Color Photos, Pottery, Glass, Metal, (Flower holders-arrangers) 39.95

3677 Forest Green Glass, 2000PG, Hopper, PB-110 Pgs., 9x11", 300 Color Photos, History, Styles from late 1950's - the Mid 1960s, More! 19.95

3590 Fostoria American Line 2056, 2nd Edit., 2002PG, Pina, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 379 Color Photos, Much info on this highly collectible line! 29.95

3460 Fostoria Glass, Scarce, Unique & Whimsies, 2004 PG, Williams, HB-256 Pgs., 800 Color Photos!, All types of items, Descr., More! 35.00

1129 Fostoria Glass Company, Fine Crystal & Colored Glassware, Cut, Etched & Plain, 2000PG, (1925-1930), PB-136 Pgs., 11x9", Catalog reprint of 1925-1930 items, Illustrated, Descriptions, Shows many different patterns, B/W illustrations, More! 19.95

2087 Fostoria Glassware 1887-1982, 1999PG, Frances Bones, HB-446 Pgs., 8x11", Items shown by line numbers, much info, Illust. Etc. 24.95

3230 Fostoria: Serving the American Table 1887-1986, 2002-03 PG, 2nd Edit., Pina, HB-192 PGs., 400+ Color Photos, Much More! 29.95

2409 Fostoria Tableware 1944-1986, 2000PG, Long & Seate, HB-311 Pgs., 8x11", Color & B/W Photos, Much info, Descr., Patterns, Etc. 24.95

2092 Fostoria Value Guide, 2004 PG, Long & Seate, PB-272 Pgs., Complete Price Listing of Stemware, Tableware, Etc., Dates, Color, More! 19.95

3467 Fratelli Toso Italian Glass 1854-1980, 2004 PG, Pina, HB-224 Pgs., Venitian Glass, 400 Color Photos, Descr., Dates, Sizes, Etc. 69.95

3520 Frederick Carder & Steuben Glass, 98-99PG, Dimitroff, HB-333 Pgs., Color Photos, Reference Material, Dates, Sizes, More 9x12 125.00

7175 Fruit Jars (Red Book) Vol #9, 2001PG, Leybourne, PB-406 Pgs., 9x11", 10,000+ Listings, 100s Illustrations, All known sizes & colors are priced, 800+ New Listings, Descriptions, More Information, Most complete book on the market! 35.00

3253 Girlie Glasses (Collectible) 2003 PG, McMullan, 435 Color Photos, PB-136 Pgs., 9x11", All types of glasses are shown & described, More! 24.95

2037 Glass & Ceramic Baskets, 2002PG, White, PB-224 Pgs., 600 Photos, Old & New Baskets, 9x11", All types of Glass & Pottery Baskets! 19.95

4010 Glass A to Z, NP, Shotwell, PB-638 Pgs., Guide & Dictionary for Collectors, Dealers. Marks, Patterns, Manufacturers, 400 Photos, More! 24.95

2146 Glass Animals 2nd Edit., 2004 PG, Spencer, HB-317 Pgs., 100's Color Photos! Includes all types of animal figurines, Descriptions, Etc. 24.95

3367 Glass Elephants, 2003-04 PG, Coe-Hixson, PB-136 Pgs., 375 Color Photos, Information, All types of glass elephant figurines shown, More! 24.95

3828 Glass of Frederick Carder, NP, Gardner, HB-373 Pgs., 9x11", Steuben Glass Works, 300 b/w photos, 7000 drawings, 80 color photos, All colors and the engraved, cut and etched patterns, Marks, History, 1890-1930s era, Includes: Aurene, Tyrian, Cintra, Much Much More! 75.00

9169 Glass (50 Years Of Collectible) 1920-1970, 1997-98 PG, Vol #1, Bredehoft, PB-246 Pgs., Tableware, Kitchenware, Barware, Water Sets., Identification, Depression & Elegant Glass arranged by design theme for easy reference, 1st of 2 volume set., Much More 8x11" 26.95

4083 Glass (50 Years of Collectible 1920-1970) Volume #2, 2000PG, Bredehoft, PB-282 Pgs., 9x11", 100's Photos, Tableware, Etc. 26.95

2101 Glass Tumblers 1860s-1920s, 2004 PG, Bredehoft, HB-288 Pgs., 800 Items in Full Color, All types of tumblers are shown & described! 29.95

2168 Glassware (Collectible) From the 40s, 50s, & 60s, 7th Edition, 2003-2004 PG, Florence, HB-256 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Descr., New Patterns, catalog pages, 100's new photos from previous edit, 121 total patterns, Fire King Patterns, Histories, Sizes, Dates, 9x11" 19.95

2371 Glassware Pattern Identification Guide, NP, Florence, PB-175 Pgs., Color Photos, 400+ Patterns, dates, 1920's-1960s, More 6x9" 18.95

2435 Glassware Pattern Identification Guide Vol #2, NP, Florence's, PB-207 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, From 1900-1960s, Easy Ident. 19.95

2326 Glassware Pattern Identification Guide, Vol #3, Florence's, NP, PB-269 Pgs., 9x11", From 1900-1960s, Dates, Colors, Companies! 19.95

1029 GLASSES, CARTOON & PROMOTIONAL DRINKING Hervey, 99-2000 PG, PB-177 Pgs., 3000 Glasses shown, Descr., Etc. 17.95

3270 Green Depression Era Glass (Pocket Guide) 2002PG, Clements, PB-156 Pgs., 6x9", Color Photos, 48 Patterns, Much More! 16.95

2195 Hazel-Atlas Glass, 2005 PG, Florence, HB-256 Pgs., Color Photos, All types of items shown, Descr., Sizes, Colors, Much More Info! 24.95

2010 Heisey Glass 1925-1938, Bredehoft., 1999 PG, HB-463 Pgs., 8x11", Illust. in B/W & Color, Descr., Sizes, Information, More! 8x11" 24.95

2466 Heisey Glass 1896-1957, 2003PG, Bredehoft, HB-351 Pgs., , 9x11", b/w photos, History, Colors, Gallery, Descr., Sizes, Much More! 24.95

4074 Heisey Glass, The Early Years 1896-1924, 2000PG, Dunbar, PB-175 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, ID Guide, 50+ Patterns, More! 26.95

3469 Imperial Glass: Lace Edge, 2004 PG, Marsh, PB-159 Pgs., 1930s-1970s, 325 Color Photos, Descriptions, Sizes, History, Vendors, Etc. 29.95

3387 Imperial Cape Cod Glass, 2003-04 PG, Garrison, PB-160 Pgs., 420 Color Photos, Descr., Numbers, Research, Much More info, Etc. 29.95

7162 Insulators : N. American Glass Insulators, 2003-04PG, McDougald, PB-264 Pgs., 6x9", Illustrated, Photos, Colors, Info, Etc. 35.00

3309 International Glass Art, Yelle, No Prices, HB-400 Pgs., 9x12", 810 Color Photos, 175 Artists, Studio glass over the last 25 Years, More! 95.00

3342 Italian Glass Century 20, 2003-04 PG, Pina, HB-240 Pgs., 567 Color Photos, 1000 Examples of Glass from 1900-2000, Much Info, More! 69.95

3619 Jadite ID & 2003-04 Price Guide, Keller & Ross, 3rd Edit., Expanded Repro Info, 500 Color Photos, Much Info, 1930s-1970s, Much More! 24.95

3742 Jim Beam Figural Bottles, 2000PG, Higgins, PB-158 Pgs., 9x11", 100's items, Color Photos, Dates, Ceramic Glass, How to care, Etc. 29.95

7129 Kentucky Derby Glasses Price Guide 2004-05 PG, Marchman, PB-95 Pgs., Color Photos, Mint Julep & Shot Glasses, Breeder's Cup,Etc. 16.95

2004 Kitchen Glassware of the Depression Years, 6th Edit., 2003PG, Florence, HB-270 Pgs., 9x11", 5000+ items in Color Photos!, Shows items by color, shapes, or patterns, Glass from 40s, 50s, 60, and Fire King, Shows bowls, baking dishes, reamers, shakers, much more! 24.95

5083 Kovel's Depression Glass & Dinnerware 8th Edit., 2004 PG, PB-258 Pgs., 8000 Prices, Identifies, Patterns from 1920s to the 1980s! 16.00

4201 Lalique ID & 2004-05 Price Guide (Warman's), Moran, PB-175 Pgs., 800 Color Photos, Tips, Rare Pieces Shown, Fake Info, Descr., Etc. 27.95

4149 Lalique Perfume Bottles & Glass, (Collecting), 2001PG, Prescott-Walker, PB-118 Pgs., 7x10", Color Photos, Descr., More! 24.95

3280 L G Wright Glass, 2003-04 Values, WV Museum, PB-176 PGs., 9x11", 194 Color Photos, Descr., 1937-1999, All types of Items shown! 29.95

8003 L. G. Wright Glass Company, 1997-98 PG, Measell & Roetteis, PB-192 Pgs., 100's Photos in Color & B/W, History, Descr., More 8X11" 34.95

3489 Mauzy's Kitchen Glass, 2004 PG, HB-160 Pgs., 400 Color Photos, Reamers, bowls, dishes, shakers, cruets, canisters, Invaluable Book! 29.95

3526 Milk Glass Book, 98-99PG, Chiarenza-Slater, HB-224 Pgs., 100s Color Photos, Much Info, All types of Milk Glass Shown, More! 8X11" 49.95

2240 Milk Glass, Coll. Ency., Newbound, 2002 PG, HB-256 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Mass produced items in the U.S., More! 8x11" 24.95

7185 Moon & Star Pattern Glass (2nd Edit.,), 2002PG, Breeze, PB, Color Pages, Recent Discoveries Photo Section, History, Much More! 29.95

3463 Morgantown Glass: Depression through the 1960s, 98PG, Snyder, HB-224 Pgs., 860 color photos, history, descr., index, more! 8x11" 29.95

2035 Mt. Washington Art Glass, 2003PG, Sisk, HB-272 Pgs., 9x11", 800 Color Photos, First Reference of it's kind! Victorian Art Glass, More! 49.95

3458 Murano Magic, Venetian Glass History & Artists, 2004 PG, Gable, HB-256 Pgs., 250 Color Photos, History, Much Info, Etc. 79.95

2247 Opalescent Glass, 4th Edit., 2002PG, Edwards, HB-256 Pgs., 9x11", 760 Color Photos, 6000 Items Priced, 200 New Patterns, Much More! 24.95

2060 Paden City Glass, Ency., 2004 PG, Domitz, HB-384 Pgs., 1500 Color Photos!, Patterns, Specialty Items, Etchings, Descriptions, More! 29.95

8020 Paden City Glass Company 1916-1951, 2003PG, Walker, PB-256 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, All types of items, patents, Ads, More! 34.95

3283 Paden City Glassware, 2002PG, Torsiello, Stillman, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, From 1916-1951, Much info, terms, Etc 29.95

3844 Pairpoint (The Essence of) Fine Glassware 1918-1938, 2001 PG, Frost, HB-230 Pgs., 500 Color Photos, Descr., Info, Etc 59.95

3133 Paperweights of the World, Flemming, 2000 PG, HB-166 pgs, 1000+ Items in Color, 1840's-1980's, History, Caring 8x11" 35.00

4075 Pattern Glass (Early American) 2nd Edit., 2002-03PG, Jenks & Reilly, PB-552 Pgs., 9x11", 400+ Patterns, Info, 600 Photos, b/w & color 24.95

3357 Peanut Butter Glasses, 2nd Edit., 2002-03PG, Mauzy, PB-136 Pgs., 1000+ Color Photos, Descr., All types shown, Checklist, More! 19.95

3006 Perfume, Cologne & Scent Bottles, North, HB-244 Pgs.,1999 Prices, 1018 photos, Color, 270 patent Illust., Good Book, 3rd Edit 9x12" Includes: Lalique, Fan Stopper, Victorian, Atomizers, Czech, Commercial, Dimestore, Porcelain, 40's-80s, Much More! Care & Tips, Etc. 69.95

3007 Perfume Bottles, Commercial, North, 1996-97 PG, HB-265 Pgs., 500 Color & , 350 B/W Photos Lalique, Baccarat, Brosse, More! 69.95

1127 Perfume Bottles & Other Drugstore Ware, 2000PG, PB-71 Pgs., B/W Illustrations, Illinois Glass Co., Bottles, Stoppers, Jars, Etc. 7.95

3476 Phoenix Art Glass, 2004 PG, Marple, PB-160 Pgs., Color Photos, Mold & Optic Patterns, Descr., History & Identification, Much More! 29.95

3249 Popular 50s & 60s Glass, Color Along the River, 2nd., 2002PG, Pina, HB-176 Pgs., 532 Color Photos, 100 New items added! 29.95

2052 Pressed Glass, 3rd Edit., Standard Ency., 2003 PG, HB-384 Pgs., 1500 Photos, 200 all new patterns, Descriptions, Much More! 29.95

3256 Purple Glass, 20th Century American & European, 2002PG, Pina, HB-157 Pgs., 9x11", 400+ Color Photos, Ident. Pages, Etc. 29.95

3684 Pyrex Collector's Guide, 3rd Edit., 2004 PG, Mauzy, Revised & Expanded, PB-175 Pgs., Color Photos, Ovenware, Flameware, More! 29.95

3512 Ruby (Royal) 98-99PG, Hopper, PB-128 Pgs., 250+ Color Photos, Uncommon patterns also shown, Descr., Index, Much More! 8x11" 24.95

3618 Royal Ruby (More), 99-2000PG, Hopper, PB-127 Pgs., 9x11" 100's items in color, Descr., Sizes, Patterns, Bottles, Vases, Lamps, Etc. 24.95

3068 Scandinavian Glass 1930-2000 Smoke & Ice, 2003PG, Vigier & Pina, HB-224 Pgs., 9x12", Cut, Engraved, Figural, Tableware, More! 59.95

3259 Scandinavian Glass: Creative Energies, 2003 PG, Geary, HB-192 Pgs, 333 Color Photos, Designs from 20th Century, Descr., More! 59.95

3752 Seneca, Elegant (Victorian, Depression, Modern), 2000-01PG, Lindbeck, HB-184 pgs., 9x11", 750 Color Photos, Descr., More! 29.95

2030 Glass Shoes (Collectible), 2nd Edit., 2002PG, Wheatley, PB-221 pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., Marks, Patent Guide, More! 24.95

8001 Shoes of Glass, Vol #2, Yalom, 1998 Prices, PB-216 Pgs., 9x11", 100's shoes in color, all types of glass shoes included, Much More! 34.95

3484 Shot Glasses, 2004 PG, Pickvet, HB-256 Pgs., 9x11", 1300 Color Photos, 1000 Drawings, All types shown, Dates, Descr., Much More! 39.95

8010 Shot Glasses (Ency. Of) 98PG Pickvet, PB-336 Pgs., Illustrated, Check List, Descr., 8 « x 11, All types of shot glasses, More! 8x11" 29.95

3377 Sour Cream Glasses, 2002PG, Mauzy, PB-92 Pgs., 9x6", 95 Color Photos, 100's of Glasses Shown, Descr., Historical Info, Checklist, Etc. 12.95

3612 Stained Glass (Old) for the Home, 2003PG, Congdon-Martin, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 350 Items in Full Color, Several countries & years! 29.95

3356 Steuben Glass: Frederick Carder's, 2002PG, Ketchum, PB-192 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos,Shapes, Numbers, Colors, Finishes, Etc. 29.95

3286 Swankyswigs, 2003 PG, Moore, PB-96 Pgs., 238 Color Photos, Colorful decorated tumblers by Kraft Foods, History, More! 9.95

4208 Swarovski ID & 2004-2005 Price Guide, Genth, PB-256 Pgs., Descr., Sizes, 900 Listings, 300 Color Photos, Much more information! 29.95

8038 Tiara Glass Exclusives, 2000PG, Ron Teal Sr., PB-112 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., Sizes, Company Catalog Reprints, More! 24.95

3049 Tiffany (Louis C): The Collected Works of Robert Koch, NP, HB-288 Pgs., All types of Tiffany Items in color & b/w, More!!! 69.95

3340 Tiffin Glass 1914-1940, Pina & Gallagher, 1996-97 PG, HB-191 Pgs., 100's items in color, Descr., Includes, Vases, Bowls, Etc. 8x11" 29.95

3033 Tiffin Glass 1940-1980: Figurals, Paperweights, Pressed Ware, 2001PG, Hemminger, Goshe, Pina, HB-160 Pgs., Color Photos, Etc. 29.95

3604 Tiffin Stemware (40s-50s & 60s), 99PG, Goshe, HB-158 Pgs., 12x9", Color Photos, Descr, 100's Items, Numbers, Etchings, More! 29.95

7119 Udderly Splendid, Milk Bottles, 2003-04 PG, Tutton, PB-176 Pgs., 100's Milk Bottles in Color Photos!, Descr., History, Much More! 28.95

3479 US Glass Company Satin Glass & Lamps of the 1920s, 2004 PG, PB-174 Pgs., 100s Items in Color, All types of Items, Descr., Etc. 29.95

3320 Vaseline Glass (The Big Book Of), 2002PG, Skelcher, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", 431 Color Photos, British, American, European, Much More! 39.95

3586 Vaseline Glass (The Picture Book Of) 2001-02 PG, Davis, HB-160 Pgs., 690 Items in Color, 60 Patterns, History, Descr., 2nd Edit 29.95

3210 Vaseline Glass, Pictorial Guide to, 2002PG, Davis, HB-156 Pgs., 9x11", 600 Items in Color, Vases, Pitchers, Salts, Bowls, Lamps, Etc. 29.95

8007 Vaseline Glass: Canary to Contemporary, 2003 PG, Peterson, Color Photos, PB-224 Pgs., From 1840 to the Present, Descr., More! 34.95

3106 Victorian Glass Novelties, 2003 PG, Sanford, HB-192 Pgs., 9x11", 590 Color Photos, Descr., All types of whimsical glass items shown! 39.95

3044 Victorian Decorative Glass: British Designs 1850-1914, 2002PG, Gulliver, HB-320 Pgs., 851 Color Photos, Descr., Much More! 79.95

3311 Viking Glass: 1944-1970, 2003 PG, Six, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 524 Color Photos, All types of items shown & described, Much More Info! 29.95

4110 Warman's Glass, 4th Edit., 2002-03 Values, Schroy, PB-440 Pgs., 9x11", Fully illustr., 200 Types of American & European Glass, More! 24.95

8070 Wave Crest (The C F Monroe Co.) No Prices, PB-176 Pgs., 9x11", Wave Crest & Monroe Cut Glass, 100s Items shown, More! 24.95

2179 Westmoreland Glass, Popular Years 1940-1985, 2004-05 PG, Kovar, HB-288 Pgs., Color Photos, Patterns, Decorations, Animals, Etc 29.95

3100 West Virginia Glass Between the World Wars, 2002PG, Six, HB-160 Pgs., 504 Color Photos, 9x11", Includes: Alley, Beaumont, Blenko, Fenton, Fostoria, Monongah, Morgantown, Paden City, Seneca, Weston, & West Virginia Glass Specialty. Also ads & catalog pages. 29.95

2074 Wheeling Decorating Company, 2003 PG, Webster, PB-208 Pgs., 9x11", 550 Photos, Items made by WDCO from purchased blanks from 500 companies, China, Pottery, Porcelain & Glassware items. Many of these pieces were not marked. Now there is a reference on these items! 24.95

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