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Pottery and Porcelain

1061 1100 MARKS ON FOREIGN POTTERY & PORCELAIN, PB-64 pgs, NP, German, English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Etc. 5x8" 9.95

1090 1800 MARKS ON AMERICAN POTTERY & PORCELAIN, NP, PB-156 Pgs, 100s Illust., Era 1800s-1980 5x8" 12.95

3361 Abingdon Pottery Artware, 1997 PG, Paradis, HB-196 Pgs., 1934-1950, 100's Color Photos, Descr., Dates, History, More! 8x11" 39.95

3603 Adams Ceramics Staffordshire Potters & Pots, 1779-1998, 99PG, Furniss, HB-336 Pgs., 1200 Color Photos, Desc., More! 79.95

7400 American Art Pottery Price Guide , Ohio Pottery: Roseville, Weller, Owens, Clewell & Cowen, Treadway Gallery, HB-368 Pgs., 9x11", Actual Auction Results 1990-2000, 1000s items in b/w photos, Descr., Sizes, Dates, Index, Much Much More! 39.95

3202 American Bisque: A Coll. Guide, Giacomini, 1994-95 PG, Figural Pottery 1919-1982, 645 Color Photos, PB-160 Pgs. 8x11" 29.95

2036 American Dinnerware, Coll. Ency., Cunningham, 1998 PG, HB-320 Pgs., Color Photos, 1000s Items, Marks, History, Sizes, Etc 8x11" 24.95

5027 American Dinnerware (Instant Expert) 2004 PG, Rosson, PB-168 Pgs., Much info on dinnerware, Tips, Marks, Fakes, Major Makers! 12.95

7245 Antique Porcelain (Starting to Collect), NP, Sandon, HB-191 Pgs., What to buy, where & why., Fakes & Forgeries, Color Photos, More! 25.00

3330 Art Pottery Of America, (Newly Revised & Updated), 3rd Edit., Henzke, 1999-2000 PG, HB-368 Pgs., 549 Color & B-W Photos, 44 Potteries Included, Marks, Historical Data, Long Lists Of Artists, Arranged Alphabetically, Late 19th-20th Century, More Info 9x11" 45.00

9258 Art Pottery, American & European, Antique Trader's, 2002PG, 2nd Edit., PB-303 Pgs., 3500 Items, 500 Photos, Marks, All types! 17.95

3661 Beautiful Bauer: Pictorial Study with Prices, 2000PG, Snyder, HB-160 Pgs., 12x9", Color Photos, Marks, History, Style, More! 39.95

2351 Bauer Pottery, Coll. Ency., 2002 PG, Chipman, HB-221 Pgs., 100s Color Photos, Descr., Marks, Info, History, Index, Sizes, Etc. 8x11" 24.95

3277 Belleek (Collecting American), 2003PG, Eng, HB-176 Pgs., 9x11", 390 Color Photos, Tableware, Vases, Tea Sets, Pitchers, Much More! 39.95

2103 Blue Willow 3rd Edit., 2004 PG, Gaston, PB-272 Pgs., 9x11", 650 Color Photos, All known marks are illustrated, Much More info! 19.95

3312 Bluebird China, 2003 PG, Rosen, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 750 Color Photos, Descriptions, Over 50 American Companies, Plates, Pitchers, Etc.34.95

2011 Blue Ridge Dinnerware, (Best of), 2003PG, Newbound, HB-256 Pgs., 1200 Items in Color!, 2000 Patterns, All types of items shown! 24.95

3363 Blue Ridge China Today, 1997 PG, Ruffin, PB-224 Pgs., 1437 Color Photos, Informative, Full Descr., Patterns, Sizes, Etc. 8x11" 34.95

3371 British Willow Ware, Illustrated Ency., 2003-04 PG, Rogers, HB-389 Pgs., 1000 Color Photos, Tableware, Marks, Expansive Text, Etc.69.95

7126 Brush-McCoy Pottery, Sanford's Guide Book #1, 1997 Values, HB-144 PGs., 1000s Items in Full Color, Descriptions, Etc. 9x12" 40.00

7141 Brush-McCoy Pottery, Sanford's Book #2, 1997 Values, HB-80 Pgs., 100s Items in Full Color, Descriptions, Much More! 9x12" 29.95

3009 Buffalo Pottery, Book Of, Altman, HB-192 Pgs., Prices, 400+ Items Illust., Facts, Statistics & Details 8x11" 27.50

2188 California Pottery Scrapbook, 2004-05 Values, Chipman, HB-256 Pgs., 700+ Photos, Dinnerware, Figurines, Vases, Much More! 29.95

2178 California Pottery, Coll. Ency. 2005PG, 2nd Edit., Chipman, HB-327 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Sizes, Marks, Much Info, Descr., Etc. 24.95

3281 California Potteries: The Complete Book, Schneider, 1995-96 PG, HB-256 Pgs., Over 800 Color Photos, Mainly figurines 8x11" 49.95

3406 California Tile 1910-1940, Acme to Handcraft, NP, Color Photos, HB-248 Pgs., Volume #1, (California Heritage Museum), More! 59.95

3442 California Tile 1910-1940 Hispano-Moresque to Woolenius, NP, HB-248 Pgs., 1700 Color Photos, Descr., History, Much More! 59.95

3022 Catalina Island Pottery & Tile 1927-1937, 2001PG, Coates, HB-175 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., History, Pottery & Tile 39.95

3290 Ceramic Arts Studio, Betty Harrington, 2003 PG, Johnson, HB-264 Pgs., 9x11", 1211 Color Photos, Descr., Much More Information! 59.95

3824 Ceramic Fish, Mermaids & Seahorses: Bathroom Decorations of the 1940s & 1950s, 2001PG, Smith, PB-128 Pgs., 222 Color Photos, 9x11", Mfg. Marks, Company Histories, Decorating Ideas, Reflections & Insights from the Author, Much More! 24.95

3770 Ceramica Mexican Pottery of the 20th Century, NP, Thompson, HB-206 Pgs., 12x9", Artists, Styles, Location, Color Photos, More! 49.95

7353 Ceramics, Arts & Crafts Price Guide, 1987-1997 Auction Results, Newcomb, Van Briggle, Rookwood, Teco, Etc., HB-212 Pgs. 29.95

9238 Ceramics, Antique Trader 4th Edit., 2003 PG, Husfloen, PB-779 Pgs., 13,000 listings, 3300 Photos, Glossary, Descr., 150 Categories 19.95

3488 China Toothpick Holders, 2004 PG, Knauer, HB-176 Pgs., 600 Color Photos, Royal Bayreuth, Nippon, American & European, Much More! 39.95

3137 Chintz Ceramics, Welsh, 2000 PG, HB-160 Pgs., 440+ Color Photos,Includes: Royal Winton, James Kent, Lord Nelson, Shelley, Crown, Ducal, Empire, American Importers, Japanese, Etc., Marks, Patterns, Complete Descr., Much More (3RD Edition) 8x11" 39.95

4190 Clarice Cliff Collectors Handbook, 2003-04PG, Joseph, PB-96 Pgs., Color Photos, History, Descriptions, Pattern Index, More! 19.95

1081 COOKIE JARS, WONDERFUL WORLD OF, Mark & Ellen Supnick, 2000-01 Revised PG, 3,500+ Jars Pictured in Color, Now in Hardback, Additional Cookie Jars Added, 448 Pgs. Includes: Redwing, Regal, Shawnee, McCoy, Brush, Foreign, Metlox, Black Amer., Disney, Warner,

Clay, Abingdon, American Bisque, Dept. 56, Much More!!! 8x11" 39.95

3138 Cookie Jar Book, The Complete, 4th Edit., 2003 PG, Schneider, PB-300 Pgs., 2000+ Color Photos, Descr., All types of jars shown, Etc. 29.95

3171 Cottage Ware, 2003 PG, Ceramic Tableware Shaped as Buildings, 1920s-1990s, Busby, PB-144 Pgs., Color Photos, Descr., Etc. 29.95

2049 Cups & Saucers, Coll., 2003 PG, Harran, PB-183 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Descr., History, Identification, Pattern, Dates, Etc. 8x11" 18.95

2426 Cups & Saucers Book #2, 2000PG, Harran, PB-360 Pgs., 9x11", 100s of Color Photos, Complete Descr., Shapes, Techniques, More! 19.95

2116 Cups & Saucers Book #3, 2004 PG, Harran, PB-383 Pgs., 9x11", 1000+ Color Photos, Descr., Easy to find items, All typs are shown! 24.95

3630 Depression Pottery, 2002-03 Values, Snyder, HB-192 Pgs., 11x9", 450+ Color Photos, All types of pottery, Bauer, Fulper, Hall, Homer, Pacific Clay, Rookwood, Roseville, Russell Wright, Weller, Gladding, Catalina, Camark, Pine Ridge, Much More!, Index, Sizes, Etc. 2nd Edit. 29.95

5007 Dinnerware of the 20th Century, The Top 500 Patterns, Rinker, 1997PG, (Just reprinted), PB-305 Pgs., Color Photos, More! 29.95

2047 Dresden Porcelain Studios, 2002PG, Harran, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", 550 Color Photos, Descr., Dresden, Meissen, & KPM, Tips, Repros.. 29.95

2041 English China, Coll. Ency., 2002PG, Gaston, HB-224 Pgs., 9x11", 450 Color Photos, Late 18th Century through early 20th Century, More! 29.95

1126 Fiesta, Lu-Ray & Other Colorware (Collecting), 2004 PG, Mark Gonzalez, HB-184 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Descr., Loaded with info on each piece of dinnerware and describes the difference between the old & new Fiesta, Some items pictured for the first time. 8 1/2 x11" Includes: Homer Laughlin, Taylor, Smith & Taylor, Knowles, Mt. Clemens, & Misc. Lines, Much More! 39.95

2027 Fiesta, Collector's Ency. 9th Edit., 2001PG Huxford, HB-221 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Also includes: Harlequin, Riviera, Etc. More! 24.95

3104 Modern Fiesta 1986-Present, 2003PG, Polick, PB-158 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Large Descriptions, History, Where to buy, Much More! 24.95

2450 Fiesta (Post 86), 2001PG, Racheter, PB-199 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Patterns, Numbers, Sizes, Color Dates, Much More Info! 19.95

4100 Fiesta Ware (Warman's) 2004 PG, Moran, PB-256 Pgs., 500 Color Photos, Old & New, Degree of difficulty, Descr., Dates, Sizes, More! 24.95

3305 Florence Ceramics, Complete Book, 2002PG, Kline, PB-176 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Figurines, Artware, Descr., History, Etc. 29.95

3080 Flow Blue: Coll. Guide to Patterns, History & Values, 2004PG, Snyder, PB-168 Pgs., 500+ Color Photos, Revised & Expanded 5th 29.95

3703 Flow Blue A Closer Look, 2000PG, Snyder, HB-185 Pgs., 9x12", 680 Color Photos, Dinnerwares, Tea Sets, Dessert Services, More! 39.95

2031 Flow Blue China #1, Collector's Ency., Gaston, 2001 PG, HB-160 pgs, 436+ Color Photos, 168 Marks, 8x11", Much More! 24.95

3160 Flow Blue & Other Ceramic Wares: Late Victorian 2002PG, VanBuskirk, HB-271 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., Shapes, More! 49.95

3849 Franciscan, Catalina & Other Gladdin, McBean Wares, 1873-1942, 2002PG, Bishop, HB-240 PGs., Color Photos, More! 29.95

3338 Franciscan Dining Services, 2nd Edit., 2002-03 Values, Snyder, PB-160 Pgs., 750 Color Photos, Marks, Descr., Patterns, Much More! 29.95

3450 Franciscan Hand Decorated Embossed Dinnerware, 2004 PG, Bishop, HB-173 Pgs., 100's items in Color, Descriptions, More! 34.95

1108 FRANKOMA POTTERY 1933 - 1990, COLLECTOR'S GUIDE, 2001-2002 PG, Gary V. Schaum, HB-200 Pgs., 367 Color Photos, Descr.,Dates, Marks, History, Planters, Sculptures, Vases, Figurines, Bowls, Very Descriptive 8x11", 8 New Pages added in this edition 29.95

3113 Gonder Ceramic Arts: A Comprehensive Guide, 2001PG, Boshears, PB-168 Pgs., 540 Color Photos, Artware from Ohio 29.95

1092 GRANDMA'S TEA LEAF IRONSTONE, Heaivilin, 1996 PG, PB-236 Pgs., 100's Photos (B/W), Much more info!! 8x11" 19.95

1101 HAEGER POTTERIES THROUGH THE YEARS, 2002 PRICES, Dilley, HB-376 Pgs., Color Photos, History, Royal Haeger, Flowerware, Studio Haeger and other lines included, Also includes original catalog pages, Numbers, Marks, Dates, More! 8x11" 39.95

2223 Hall China, 3rd Edit., 2004 PG, Whitmyer, HB-382 Pgs., 1000's Items in Color, Descr., Much Info, Includes:Autumn Leaf & Many More!! 29.95

3334 Hall China, 2002PG, Snyder, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", 600+ Color Photos, Includes: Autumn Leaf, Crocus, Silhouette, Etc., Marks, Index, More! 29.95

3174 Hand-Painted Porcelain Plates: 19th Century to the Present, 2003 PG, Rendall, HB-240 Pgs., 678 Color Photos, Descr., More! 59.95

3708 Haviland China Design, (Evolution of), 2000PG, Travis, HB-192 Pgs., 570 Color Photos, Numbers, Patterns, Marks, Much More! 49.95

3135 Haviland China, Age of Elegance, Travis, 2004 PG Values, HB-190 Pgs., 461 Color Photos, Marks, Descr., Dates, Etc., 3rd Edit. 8x11" 39.95

2114 Head Vases (Collecting), 2004 PG, Barron, PB-384 Pgs, 9x11", 1500 Color Photos!, Many items never before seen, Tips & Hints, More! 24.95

3292 Head Vases, Ency. 2nd Edit., 2003 PG, Cole, 1000+ Color Photos, 50's & 60s items, Descr., Sizes, Manuf. Info, 9x11", HB-208 Pgs., More 29.95

3094 Head Vases Etc., 2002PG, Gordon, PB-159 Pgs., 600 Color Photos, 1940s-1950s, By Betty Lou Nichols, Marks, Other Items, More! 29.95

7215 Homer Laughlin Decades of Dinnerware, 2003-04PG, Page-Six, HB-559 Pgs., 4000 Patterns in Full Color Photos and much more! 39.95

1131 Homer Laughlin Dinnerware (An Overview), 2002PG, Mark Gonzalez, HB-260 Pgs., 800+ Color Photos, The "Golden Age", years early 1900s until 1980, Includes: Virginia Rose, Fiesta, Harlequin, Tango, Coronet, Victoria, Orbit, and much much more! 9x11" 39.95

3099 Homer Laughlin China Shapes & Patterns, 2002PG, Cunningham, PB-240 Pgs., Color Photos, A-Z Listings, Marks, Info, Descr., More! 29.95

3390 House of Haeger 1944-1969 Post War Era, 2003-04 PG, Paradis, HB-192 Pgs., 370 Color Photos, Ceramic Art ware, Descr., More! 39.95

2023 Hull Pottery, Coll. Ency., 2003 PG, Roberts, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, History, Marks, Numbering Info, 100's items are shown! 19.95

3747 Hull Pottery: Decades of Design, 2nd Edit., 2003 PG, Snyder, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 450+ Color Photos, All types of items shown! 29.95

3222 Jewel Tea Company, It's History & Products, Miller, 1995 PG, HB-288 Pgs., 1000+ Items in Color, 1901-1981, Much More! 8x11" 39.95

7214 Johnson Brothers Classic English Dinnerware, 2004-05 PG, Page, HB-208 Pgs., 1300 Patterns in Full Color!, Descriptions, More! 29.95

3697 Lady Figurine Planters (Collector's Guide) 2000PG, Armes, PB-157 Pgs., 365 Color Photos of 700 Planters of 50s&60s, More! 29.95

3247 Lady Head Vases, 2003 PG, Zavada, 2nd Revised Edition, PB-112 Pgs., 300+ vases in color, Includes: Napco, Royal Copley, Shawnee, Etc. 16.95

3020 Lefton China and Collectibles (20th Century), A Numbered Price Guide for Collectors, 2001PG, Barton, PB-168 Pgs., All types of items shown, Marks & Stickers, History, ID numbers, Patterns, Collections, Price section for 7600 different items, 360 Color Photos 29.95

3765 Lefton China Old & New, 2001PG, McCarthy, PB-176 Pgs., Color Photos, Marks, Numbers, Styles, All types of Items shown, Etc. 29.95

3282 Liberty Blue Dinnerware, 2002PG, Coe, PB-110 Pgs., 6x9", Color Photos, History, Descriptions, Sizes, Much More! 14.95

3649 Limoges at Home, (Antique), 2003PG, DuBay, HB-240 Pgs., All types of items shown in full color photos, Marks, History, Much More! 49.95

3376 Limoges Porcelain (Hand Painted) 2003-04 PG, DuBay, HB-208 Pgs., 400 Color Photos, All types of items, Marks, Much More! 49.95

3855 Limoges (Living With), 2002PG, Dubay, HB-256 Pgs., 12x9", Color Photos, Room by Room Items, Descr., Marks, History, Hints, Etc. 49.95

3166 Limoges Porcelain, Atelier LeTallec, Hand Painted, 2003 PG, Waterbrook-Clyde, HB-240 Pgs., 9x11", 495 Color Photos, 1930-2002 59.95

4089 Lladro, Collecting, 2004 Price Guide, Whiteneck, PB-208 Pgs., 1500 Listings, 500+ Color Photos, Descr., Much Info, Etc., 2nd Edit. 29.95

3504 Majolica Around the House (Antique), 2004-05 PG, Snyder, HB-240 Pgs., 453 Color Photos, All types of items shown by room, More! 49.95

3781 Marvelous Majolica, 2001PG, Snyder, PB-176 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, House & Table Items, Sizes, Descr., Index, More! 29.95

3101 Majolica, British, American & European Wares, 2001PG, Snyder, PB-176 Pgs., 2nd , Color Photos, Many types items, More 29.95

2196 Majolica, Coll. Ency., Katz-Marks, HB-191 Pgs., 2000 PG, 500+ Color Photos, Loaded with Info, Marks, All types of Majolica 8x11" 19.95

3638 Marks (Encyclopedia of) 1780-1980, Kowalsky, NP, HB-687 Pgs., Includes: American, English, & European Earthenware, Ironstone & Stoneware: Makers, Marks, Patterns in Blue & White, Historic Blue, Flow Blue, Mulberry, Transferware, Tea Leaf, White Ironstone, Etc. 69.95

3015 Marks on German, Bohemian & Austrian Porcelain, 1710-Present, HB-640 Pgs., NP, 3300+ marks shown , (Revised 1998) 95.00

5015 Marks, (Dictionary of New), Pottery & Porcelain, Kovel's, 1850-Present, Amer. & Europ.& Oriental, HB-NP, 3500+ Marks 19.00

5097 Marks, (Dictionary of), Pottery & Porcelain, Kovel's 1650-1850, HB-278 Pgs., 5000 Marks, American, European, English, Etc. 17.00

2042 Marks On (U.S.) Pottery, Porcelain & Clay, Lehner's Ency., HB-634 Pgs., NP-Over 8,000 Marks, 1900 Companies, More! 24.95

4194 McCoy Pottery, Warman's 2004 Price Guide, Moran, PB-256 Pgs., 1000 Color Photos! 1500 Items! Descr., ID Tips, History, More! 24.95

3288 McCoy Pottery: A Field Guide, 2002PG, Snyder, HB-208 Pgs., 500+ Color Photos, 9x11", Marks, History, ID, Bowls, Jars, Vases, More! 29.95

7252 McCoy Pottery, (Sanford's Guide), 1998 PG, HB-276 Pgs., Color Photos, 4000 items, Line finder, Descr., Size, Date, History, Etc. 40.00

7106 McCoy In Your Pocket A-Z, 2002-03 PG, Sanford's, PB-5x8", All McCoy Lines with Photo, Check List Format, Hottest McCoy Mini-Collections, Cookie Jars, Dinnerware, Stoneware, Also has updated prices for the "Big Red Book #7252" (Sanford's McCoy Pottery Book), More! 17.00

2025 McCoy Pottery, Coll. Ency., Huxford, HB-240 Pgs., 1999-2000 Prices, Color Photos, Marks, Dates, Descr. More! 8x11" 19.95

3575 McCoy Pottery 4th Edit., 2004 PG, Snyder, HB-208 Pgs., 740 Color Photos, Stonewares & Artwares, Descr., History, All types of items! 29.95

2300 McCoy Pottery, Coll. Reference, Hanson, 2004 Values, HB-320 Pgs., 2500+ Items in Color, Complete Lines, Much More! 8x11", Vol #1 19.95

2019 McCoy Pottery Vol. #2, 2003PG, Hanson, HB-303 Pgs., 8x11", 600 Color Photos, 1910-1980's, 400 jars, features top 100 items 8x11" 24.95

2471 McCoy Pottery Volume #3, 2004PG, Nissen & Hanson, HB-320 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, 1920s-80s, Also Floraline, Marks, More! 24.95

2109 McCoy Pottery Wall Pockets & Decorations, 2004 PG, Nissen, HB-192 Pgs., 9x11", 100's Color Photos, Descr., Marks, History, More! 24.95

3019 Meissen Figures 1730-1775: The Kaendler Period, 2002PG, Adams, HB-208 Pgs., 305 Color & 220 b/w Photos, Descr., More! 59.95

3014 Meissen, The Book of, (Newly Revised 1996) Rontgen, NP, HB-333 Pgs., 282 Color Photos, 1001 B/W Illust., Great Book! 9x12" 95.00

1104 MELMAC DINNERWARE, 1997 PG., Zimmer & Daigle, PB-104 Pgs., 100s Color Photos, Histories, Descr., Plastic-melamine wares 19.95

2259 Metlox Potteries, 2nd Edit., 2002PG, Gibbs, HB-432 Pgs., 9x11", 700 Color Photos, Artware lines, History, Marks, Shapes, Dinnerware 29.95

3212 Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware, 2002PG, Pratt, HB-240 Pgs., 9x11", Includes: Ak-Sar-Ben, Denware, Iroquois China, Laurel Potteries of California, Royal China, Stetson China, Etc., Dinnerware of the late 1940s, 1950s, & 1960s, 100's of Color Photos, Descr., Shapes, Patterns 39.95

3173 Mid-Century Modern Dinnerware: A Pictorial Guide: Ak-Sar-Ben to Paden City Pottery, 2003 PG, Pratt, HB-224 Pgs., Color 39.95

1082 MORTON POTTERIES, Doris & Burdell Hall, 1995 PG, PB-272 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Catalog Reprints, Marks, Etc. 8x11" 24.95

3607 Napco, 99PG, Deel, PB-182 Pgs., 8x11", Color Photos, Descr., National Potteries Corporation, Figurines, Head Vases, Angels, More! 29.95

3347 Newcomb Pottery & Crafts 1895-1940, , No Values, Poesch-Main, HB-320 Pgs., 800+ Color Photos, Descriptions., Much More! 89.95

2451 Niloak, Coll. Ency. 2nd Edit., 2001PG, Gifford, HB-356 Pgs., 9x11", 100's items in color photos, Descr., Sizes, History, Marks, More! 29.95

2344 North Carolina Art Pottery 1900-1960, 2003PG, HB-288 Pgs., 9x11", All types of NC pottery shown, Descriptions, Shapes, Stamps, Etc. 24.95

3057 Oyster Plates (Collecting), 2002PG, Snyder, PB-160 PGs., 9x11", 478 Color Photos, Plates, Platters, Servers, Elegant to Everyday 29.95

3815 Pacific Pottery, Sunshine Tableware from the 20s-30s-40s & More!, 2001PG, Snyder, HB-160 Pgs., 500+ Color Photos, Includes: California's Pacific Clay Products, Hostessware serving Pieces, History, Marks, Index, Table, Kitchen, and Artwares shown 39.95

7081 Peters and Reed, Sanford's Guide (The Zane Pottery Company), 2000PG, HB-144 Pgs., 10x12", Color Photos, Descr., History, Etc. 45.00

2110 Pictorial Guide to Pottery & Porcelain Marks, NP, Lage, HB-413 Pgs., 7500 Color Photos, 4000 International Marks, Dates, Etc. 29.95

3272 Playtime Pottery & Porcelain, 200 Years, 2003 PG, (Children's Dishes), Punchard, 652 Color Photos, International & American! Marks, Hardback-224 Pages, Organized by country of origin, Dates from the late 18th century to the late 20th century, Much More! 39.95

4007 Pottery & Porcelain, English & Continetal(Warman's) 98-99PG 3rd , Bagdade, PB-312 Pgs., 10,000 Listings, 200 Categories 27.95

2105 Pottery & Whiteware, Decorative American, 2004 PG, Wilby, HB-287 Pgs., Color Photos, 60 different companies, turn of the century. 29.95

3725 Quimper (Popular), 2000PG, O'Neill, PB-159 Pgs., 6x9", Color Photos, Complete Descriptions, Marks, Dates, Sizes, Much More! 19.95

3023 R. S. Prussia, The Formative Years, 1888-1900, 2002PG, Marple, PB-176 Pgs., 766 Color Photos, All types of items shown! 34.95

3250 Redware, America's Folk Art Pottery, 2003 PG, McConnell, 160 Color Photos, PB-96 Pgs., 6x9", All types of redware is shown, Descr. 12.95

2445 Red Wing Art Pottery, Coll. Ency., 2001PG, Dollen, HB-151 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Marks, All types of items shown, More! 24.95

7265 Red Wing Art Pottery #2, 2000PG, Reiss, HB-207 Pgs., 9x13", Color Photos, Descr, Dates, Sizes, 100's Items in Full Color, More! 39.00

9022 Red Wing Dinnerware, 2003 PG, 1st Edit., Reiss, PB-40 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Line & Shape, Patterns, Sizes, Much More! 8x11" 12.95

7199 Repairing Pottery & Porcelain, 2nd Edit., NP, Acton & McAuley, PB-128 Pgs., Step-by-step guide, Advice, Much More Info! 19.95

2381 Restaurant China, 2003PG, Conroy, Also Ship & Railroad, HB-367 Pgs., Color Photos, Marks, Techniques, Much Info, Dates, Sizes, More! 24.95

2414 Restaurant China Volume 2, 2000PG, Conroy, HB-655 Pgs., Restaurant, Airline, Ship & Railroad Dinnerware,Color Photos, More! 39.95

7435 Robinson Ransbottom Pottery (Sanford's), 2002PG, Skillman, HB-142 Pgs., 10x13", Color Photos, Descr., All types of items 45.00

2021 Rookwood Pottery, 10 Years of Auction Results 1990-2002, Treadway Gallery, HB, 272 PGs., Color Photos, Much Info, More! 39.95

1054 ROOKWOOD, A PRICE GUIDE , 2001 PG, Color, PB-261 Pgs., Vases, Bowls, Tiles, Plaques, Bookends, Magazine Ads, Misc. Etc. 100's Items photographed & priced, Dates, Sizes, Original ads, Descr., Colors, Etc. 5x8" 19.95

9206 Roseville By The Numbers, 2004 PG, Humphries, PB, Comprehensive listing by numbers, Number-Description-Prices 19th Edit. 9.95

2434 Rosemeade Pottery (Coll. Ency), 2000PG, Dommel, HB-205 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, History Descr., Product Lines, Much More! 24.95

1112 ROSEVILLE IN ALL ITS SPLENDOR , 2004 PRICE GUIDE, Jack & Nancy Bomm, HB-424 Pgs., Full Color Photos, 1000s of pieces pictured and priced, complete descriptions, patterns. Includes: Apple Blossom, Bittersweet, Dogwood, Laural, Rosecraft, Rozane, Windsor, Etc. This book is written by the President of the Roseville Club, Great Book!!!! 8x11" 39.95

2039 Roseville Pottery Volume #1, Coll. Ency., 2003PG, Huxford, HB-204 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., Marks, History, More! 24.95

2040 Roseville Pottery Volume #2, Coll. Ency. 2003PG, Huxford, HB-221 Pgs., Color Photos, Descr., Sizes, Artists, Signatures, Etc. 24.95

3623 Roseville Pottery, Introducing 2001-02PG, Bassett, HB-288 Pgs., 9x11", 2nd Edit., 1890-1954, 860+ Color Photos, Descr., More! 39.95

3093 Roseville (Understanding), 2002PG, Bassett, HB-288 Pgs., 9x11", 800+ Color Photos, Descr., History, Marks, 1890-1954, Much More! 39.95

3726 Roseville Prices (Bassett's), 2nd., 2002PG, PB-192 Pgs., 4x9", Over 130 Roseville Lines, Alpha order, Index, Numbering System Etc 9.95

4188 Roseville Pottery, Warman's, 2004 PG, Moran, PB-255 Pgs., 1500 Color Photos, with 2000 items, 135 Styles, Descriptions, Much More! 24.95

7013 Roseville Art Pottery 2003 « Price Guide Vol. #5, Jenkins, PB-65 Pgs., 1000's Listings, Some Color Pages, Shape Numbers, Etc. 21.95

3840 Royal Copenhagen Porcelain (Collector's Guide) 2002PG, Pope, HB-235 Pgs., 9x12", Color Photos, 2400+ Items, Marks 49.95

3372 Royal Copenhagen Porcelain: Animals & Figurines, 2nd Edit. 2002-03 PG, Heritage, HB-204 Pgs., 394 Color Photos, Descr, More! 39.95

3359 Royal Delft, 2003-04 PG, Erickson, HB-299 Pgs., 787 Color Photos, Plates, Vases, Pots, Candlesticks, Clocks, Tableware, Much More! 69.95

3227 Royal Doulton: The Legacy of Excellence, Whittecar, Value Reference, HB-288 Pgs., 600+ Color Photos, Vases, Much Info, More! 95.00

2335 Russel Wright, Collector's Ency., 2002PG, Kerr, HB-301 Pgs., 3rd Edit., Color Photos, Dinnerware, Furniture, Metals, Silver, Much More! 29.95

3676 Scandinavian Art Pottery, Denmark & Sweden, 2000PG, Hecht, HB-172 Pgs., 9x12", Color Photos, Descr., Marks, Dates, More! 49.95

3738 Scandinavian Ceramics & Glass 1940s-1980s, 2000PG, Fischler-Gould, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Dates, Descr., More! 49.95

1002 SHAWNEE POTTERY, COLLECTING, Supnick, 2004 -05 Revised Prices, PB-72 Pgs., Over 800 Items in Color, Descr., More! 5x8" 12.95

2111 Shawnee Pottery, 2004 PG, Mangus, HB-255 Pgs., 9x11", 100's Color Photos, Descr., Marks, Colors, All types of items shown! More! 24.95

3850 Shelley China, 2002PG, Skinner & Snyder, HB-176 PGs., 9x11", 500 Color Photos, Over 1000 items, Descr., 1860-1966, History, More!39.95

3218 More Shelley China, 2003 PG, Jones & Nicholas, HB-174 Pgs., 9x11", 580 Color Photos, Descriptions, Numbers, Sizes, Much More!39.95

3121 Shelley Tea Ware Patterns, 2003PG, Burdess, HB-288 Pgs., 9x12", 766 Color Photos, 1000s of patterns shown & described, More! 69.95

3474 Shoes (Porcelain & Pottery) 2004 PG, Wojtkowski, HB-223 Pgs., 1200 Items in Color, 19th & Early 20th Centuries, Descr., Much More! 49.95

3791 Spongeware 1835-1935: Makers, Marks & Patterns, 2001PG, Kelly, HB-244 Pgs., 9x11", 975 Color Photos, Descr., Info, More! 59.95

3092 Spongeware & Spatterware, 2001PG, 3rd, McConnell, PB-127 Pgs., 6x9", Color Photos, Descr., Dates, Sizes, Expanded Edition 16.95

3404 Stafforshire Ceramics (Romantic), 1997-98 PG, Snyder, PB-186 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Sizes, Descr., Marks, Origins, More! 8x11" 29.95

3503 Staffordshire Pottery, 2004-05 PG, Cluett, HB-288 Pgs., 1150 Color & B/W Photos, All types of items, Detailed History, and much more! 69.95

2108 Stangl Artware, Lamps, & Birds, 2002PG, Runge, HB-208 PGs., 9x11", 1924-1978, Birds, Animals, Terra Rose, Listing of shapes, Etc. 29.95

3228 Tableware Designs of Ben Seibel: 1940s-1980s, 2003 PG, Racheter, HB-192 PGs., 845 Color Photos, Includes all types of items! 49.95

3472 Taylor, Smith & Taylor Dinnerware, 2004 PG, Gonzalez, PB-190 Pgs., Color Photos, Also: LuRay, Chateau Buffet, Holly-Spruce, Etc.29.95

7117 Teapots (Collectible), 2000PG, Tina Carter, PB-208 Pgs., 9x11", 900 Color Photos, listings for 2,000 teapots, All types materials, More! 26.95

3482 Treasure Craft Pottery & Pottery Craft Stoneware, 2004 PG, Higby, PB-176 Pgs., 1940s-1995, 650 Color Photos, Descr., More! 29.95

2464 Uhl Pottery, 2001PG, Felmeyer & Holtzman, PB-160 Pgs., 6x9", Color Photos, Descr., Sizes, All types of Uhl Pottery items shown, More! 16.95

3686 Universal Dinnerware and Its Predecesors, 2000PG, Smith, PB-176 Pgs., 9x11", 725 Color Photos, Pottery from Cambridge Ohio, The Guernsey Earthenware Company, The Oxford Pottery Co., The Atlas-Globe China Co., Etc., History, Descr., All types of items shown, More! 29.95

2206 Van Briggle Coll. Ency., 2004 PG, Sasicki, HB-143 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Descriptions, Dates, Sizes, History, Much More! 24.95

2104 Vernon Kilns (Collectible), 2nd Edit., 2004 PG, Nelson, HB-320 Pgs., 500 Color Photos, History, Descriptions, Much More Information! 29.95

3142 Wade, The World of Figurines & Miniatures, 2003 PG, Warner & Posgay, HB-304 Pgs., 1000+ Color & b/w photos, Descr., Much More! 39.95

3693 Wade Miniatures, 2004PG, Baker, PB-192 Pgs., 6x9", Over 1000 items/ 372 Color Photos, Whimsies, Premiums, Villages, Characters, 3rd 16.95

4023 Wade Price Guide 2003-04, Ashbrook, PB-111 Pgs., Color Photos, Descr., Animals, Characters, Figurines, Whimsey, Whoppas, Marks, Etc. 19.95

7159 Wade Whimsical Collectibles, 2004PG, 7th Edit., Murray, PB-472 Pgs., 1000's of listings, 400 b/w photos, much info, easy identification! 29.95

3396 Wall Pockets (American Art Pottery) 2004 PG, Bassett, PB-159 Pgs., 570 Color Photos, 60 Pottery Firms, Marks, Descr., More! 29.95

4122 Warman's American Pottery & Porcelain, 2nd, 2001PG, Bagdade, PB-302 Pgs., 150 Potteries, 12,000 New Listings, Much More! 24.95

3203 Watt Pottery: Coll. Reference & PG, Thompson & Watt, 2003 PG, HB-240 Pgs., 800 Photos, Color, Marks, Patterns, Etc. 8x11", 2nd Edit. 39.95

3324 Wedgwood Jasper Ware: Shape Book & Collector's Guide, 2004 PG, Herman, HB-176 Pgs., 501 Color Photos, Descr., More! 39.95

3743 Weller, Roseville & Related Zanesville Art Pottery & Tiles, 2000PG, Ward & Schiffer, HB-167 Pgs., 9x12, Color Photos, Descr., Etc. 29.95

3772 White Ironstone China: Plate ID Guide 1840-1890, 2001PG, Dieringer, PB-160 Pgs., 327 Photos, 252 Drawings, Marks, Descr 29.95

3378 White Ironstone, Survey of it's Many Forms, 1997-98 PG, Stolzful & Snyder, PB-176 Pgs., 700+ Color Photos, Descr, More! 8x11" 34.95

3234 Yellow Ware the Transitional Ceramic, 3rd Edit., 2003 PG, Leibowitz, PB-119 Pgs., 9x11", Color & b/w photos, Descriptions, More! 24.95

2303 Yellow Ware, Coll. Guide Book #2, 2003 PG, McAllister, PB-127 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, All types of Items, Descr., Dates, Sizes, More! 17.95

2062 Yellow Ware Book #3, 2003 PG, McAllister, PB-125 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, All types of items, marks, complete descriptions, Etc.19.95

2070 Zanesville Stoneware Company, 2002PG, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Glazes, 200+ page catalog section, Descr., All types items! 24.95

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