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Oriental Antiques & Occupied Japan

3505 Art Deco Noritake, 2004-05 PG, Spain, HB-224 Pgs., 1105 Color Photos, Descriptions, Marks, History, Salesman Samples, Much More! 39.95

3322 Ceramics of China 5000 BC to 1912 AD, 2003 PG, HB-256 Pgs., 9x11", Timeline, 400 Color Photos, Much Info, Figures, Vases, More! 59.95

3737 Chinese Country Antiques, Furniture & Access., 2nd Edit.2002PG, McCormick, HB-176 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Dates, Descr., Etc. 39.95

3255 Chinese Snuff Bottles, A Guide to Addictive Miniatures, 2002PG, Cornforth, HB-224 Pgs., 9x11", Color, All types, Much Info, More! 69.95

3405 Imari, Satsuma & Other Japanese Export Ceramics, 2000 PG, Schiffer, HB-201 Pgs., 680 Color Photos, Marks, More! 8x11", 2nd 49.95

3403 Jade 5000 B.C. to 1912 A.D., Collector's Guide, 2004 PG, Veleanu, HB-288 Pgs., 900 Color Photos, Descr., Sizes, Much Info, More! 69.95

3637 Japanese Porcelain 1800-1950, 2nd Edit., Schiffer, NP, HB-303 Pgs., 9x13", Color Photos, Dates, Imari, Satsuma, Seto, Kutani, More! 59.95

3267 Japanese Export Ceramics (Figural), 2002PG, HB-224 Pgs., 9x12", 300+ Color Photos, Marks, Hirado, Imari, Satsuma, Etc. 49.95

3244 Japanese Export Ceramics (Shape & Decoration), 2002-03PG, Schiffer, HB-240 Pgs., 400 Color Photos, 19th & 20th Centuries, More! 49.95

2102 Made in Japan Ceramics Book #4, White, PB-239 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descriptions, Marks, Sizes, Much More! 24.95

2448 Nippon Porcelain (Coll. Ency) 6th Series, 2001PG, Van Patten, HB-255 Pgs., Color Photos, Includes Marks, Descr., Much More! 29.95

3650 Noritake Dinnerware: Identification Made Easy, 2000PG, Brewer, HB-188 Pgs., 9x11", 1200 Color Photos, 500 Patterns, More 39.95

3350 Noritake Fancyware A-Z, 2002PG, Spain, HB-304 Pgs., 9x12", 750 Color Photos, Bowls, Boxes, Dresser Items, Smoking, Vases, Etc. 59.95

3854 Noritake for Europe, 2002PG, Murphy, HB-192 PGs., 9x11", 584 Color Photos, Years 1891-1939, Formal, Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Etc. 49.95

4090 Oriental Antiques & Art 2nd Edit., 2004 PG, Moran & Andacht, PB-528 Pgs., Photos, Descr., All types of items shown, Much More! 24.95

3398 Oriental Rugs from A to Z, 2004 PG, Azizollahoff, HB-218 Pgs., 270 Color Photos, (Many Close-ups), Descr., Valuable Information, Etc.39.95

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