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Silver, Metals, Griswold, Wagner Ware, Cast Iron

3333 American Silverplate, 3rd Edit., 2000PG, Rainwater, HB-480 Pgs., 8x11", 500+ photos, Table & Household items, Much info, Index. 37.50

7246 Antique Silver (Starting to Collect) NP, Pickford, HB-190 Pgs., What to buy, where & why, Color Photos, Info on Fakes, Much More! 25.00

2177 Brass & Copper, Antique 2001PG, Gaston, PB-205 Pgs., 9x11", 100's Color Photos, All types of items, Descr., Sizes, Much More! 24.95

3221 Cast Iron, Figurative, A Coll. Guide, Congdon-Martin, 1995 PG, PB-176 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, All types of items, 9x11" 29.95

3081 Ency. Of American Silver Manufacturers, NP, Rainwater, PB-417 Pgs., 2200 Marks, Also Jewelry Marks, Great Selling Title!, 5th Edit. 29.95

3382 Georg Jensen A Tradition of Splendid Silver, 2nd , 2001PG, Drucker, HB-320 Pgs., 737 Color Photos, Much Info, Informative! 79.95

3303 Griswold & Wagner: The Book of, 2003 PG, 3rd Edit., Smith & Wafford, PB-320 Pgs., 900+ illustrations, Shapes, Sizes, Dates, More! 29.95

1056 Griswold Cast Iron Vol #1, 2002-2003 PG Updated, L-W Books, PB-181 Pgs., 9x11", 100's items, b/w photos, All types of items, Descr. 19.95

1063 Griswold Cast Iron, Vol. #2, 2004PG, No Duplicates of Vol. #1, Cast iron, porcelain, Aluminum, PB-136 Pgs., Listings On Pattern #'s, Bowls, Pans, Skillets, Toys, Stoves, Etc., 32 Pages in Color, 8x11" 19.95

2123 Iron, Antique, McNearney, PB-223 Pgs., 2004 Prices, 400 Photos, Farming, Household, Toys, Kitchen, Banks, Etc. 5"x8" 9.95

4020 Metalwares, Antique Trader's, 2nd Edit., 2003PG, Husfloen, PB-304 Pgs., Includes: Silver, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Pewter, More! 17.95

3640 Silver Curios in the Home, 99-2000PG, Rainwater, HB-158 Pgs., 9x11", All types of small silver items, Color Photos, Descr., Etc. 39.95

3820 Silver Novelties in the Gilded Age 1870-1910, 2001PG, Crosby, HB-239 Pgs., 600+ Color Photos, All types of Items!! More! 49.95

2360 Silverplate (American) Flatware and Hollow Ware, St. Ency., 2003 PG, HB-445 Pgs., Flatware, Bowls, Dishes, Plates, Etc. B/W 24.95

2131 Silverplated Flatware 4th Edit., 2004PG, Hagan, PB-374 Pgs., 9x11", 100's Patterns identified, Illustrated, Dates, Marks, Much More! 18.95

3316 Silver Holloware for Dining Elegance, Osterberg, 1996-97 PG, HB-256 Pgs., Centerpieces, Tea Services, Candelabras, Compotes, Pitchers, Serving Trays, Gravy Boats, Butter Dishes, Etc., 19th & 20th Centuries, 300+ B/W Photos, More! 8x11" 39.95

2452 Souvenir Spoons Book II, (Collectible), 2001PG, Bednersh, PB-215 Pgs., Color Photos, Much Info, All types of spoons shown. 29.95

1117 Sterling Flatware An Identification & Value Guide (Revised 2nd Edit.), 2002-03PG, Tere Hagan, PB-312 Pgs., 8x11, 100s patterns shown and illustrated, easy identification, dates, Includes: Gorham, Whiting, International, Oneida, Towle, Wallace, and many others. 34.95

6032 Sterling Silver Flatware (American) 1830's to 1990s, 93-94 PG, Dolan, PB-222 Pgs., Illust., Major silver flatware companies. 22.95

4033 Sterling Silver Flatware, (Warman's), 2003PG, Moran, PB-396 Pgs., 9x11", 18,000 Listings, 1200 Photos, History, Descr., More! 24.95

3213 Sterling Silver Flatware for Dining Elegance, Osterberg, HB-204 Pgs., 8X11", 205+ Photos, 1999-2000PG, Research Charts, Includes: Patterns, spoons, Poultry Sherars, Ladles, Carving Sets, Place Settings, Serving Pieces, Forks, Knives, Etc. 39.95

1016 STERLING SILVER, SILVERPLATE & SOUVENIR SPOONS, 2003 Prices, PB-192 PGS, 8X11", Utensil sets, combs, cups, Baby Spoons, Tray & tea sets, jewelry boxes+ many other items, Large section on souvenier spoons. 12.95

3794 Wagner & Griswold (The Book of), 2001PG, Smith & Wafford, PB-256 Pgs., 9x11", Also Includes: Martin, Lodge, Volrath, Excelsior, 107 Color and 739 b/w photos, Index, Histories, Descr., Pattern numbers, Catalog List numbers, Etc. 29.95

1010 WAGNER WARE & OTHER COMPANIES, 2002 PG, PB-125 Pgs., Piqua Ware, Filley, Martin Stove & Range, Wapak, Sidney Holloware, Vollrathe + Many others, 100's Photos, 100's Items listed 5"X8" 10.95

3045 Yesterday's Silver to Today's Table, 2002PG, Osterberg, HB-240 Pgs., 334 Color Photos, Patterns & Forms, Fine sterling items. 49.95

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