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Pens, Black Americana, Lunch Boxes, Smoking, Cameras, Etc.

7004 Akro Agate, The Complete Line, Hardy, Marbles, Children's Dishes, Etc., Color, 93 PG, PB-136 Pgs, Much More (98 prices below) 24.95

7293 Akro Agate Price Guide to Above, 2nd Edition, 1998, Hardy, PB-69 Pgs., Photos, New Additions, Descriptions, Sizes, Etc. 10.00

3856 Anri Woodcarvings, 2002PG, Rains & Bull, HB-272 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Bottle Stoppers, Corkscrews, Toothpicks, Nutcrackers....69.95

3182 Antique Boxes, Tea Caddies & Society 1700-1880, 2003 PG, Clark, HB-304 Pgs., 9x12", 887 Color Photos, Dates, Descr., Etc. 89.95

7035 Beer Stein Book, 3rd Edit., 2000PG, Kirsner, HB-383 Pgs., 9x12", 2700 Steins illustrated in color & b/w photos, History, Marks, More! 39.95

3323 Boston Terrier Collectibles, 2003 PG, Baker & Hiller, PB-158 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Figures, Paper items, Toys, & other items, More! 29.95

1033 Black Memorabilia, Collecting 2002-03 PG, Thompson, Color Photos, PB-159 Pgs., 9x11", Descr., Sizes, All types of Black Collectibles! 19.95

9016 Cameras Antique & Classic (McKeown's), 2004-2005 PG, HB-1248 Pages!, 40,000 Cameras! 10,000 Photos!, More! Great Book! 139.00

4204 Cameras & Photographica, 2004-05 Values, Husfloen, PB-304 Pgs., 1300 Photos & Descr., Equipment & Images, 16 Pgs. Of Color, Etc. 19.95

3399 Camera Collectors (Comprehensive Guide), 2004 PG, Williamson, HB-208 Pgs., 500 Color Photos, Early to Digital, Much More! 39.95

3285 Cameras for Collectors, 2002PG, Faragher, PB-159 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, 1930s-1990s, Many types shown, Descr., Etc. 29.95

3470 Canes & Walking Sticks: 2004 PG, Snyder, HB-286 Pgs., 760 Color Photos, All types of canes shown, History, Complete Descr., More! 69.95

3038 Canes Through the Ages, 95PG, Monek, HB-320 Pgs., 9x11", 1200 Color Photos, 1580 cane patents, US, Britain, German, Much More! 79.95

3745 Casino Chip Price Guide, (Official), 2000PG, Campiglia, PB-396 Pgs., 6x9", Color Photos, Identifies & grades 15,000 U.S. Chips. 29.95

2402 Celluloid Coll. Reference 01PG, Lauer, HB-277 Pgs., History, Fashion, Vanity, Boxes, Household, Novelties, Toys, Color Photos. 24.95

3756 Chocolate Memorabilia, 2001PG, Baker, PB-159 Pgs., 9x11", Wilbur Choc. Co., Color Photos, Molds, Boxes, Advertising, Pots, History. 29.95

1071 CIGARETTE LIGHTERS, COLLECTING, VOL. #2, Wood, PB-152 Pgs., Color Photos, 2004 PG, Most Lighters have not been published as photos in any other book, Amazing Collection, All different than Vol. #1, 8x11" 24.95

3360 Cigarette Lighters, The Golden Age, 2003-04 PG, Pilossof-Schneider, HB-192 Pgs., 1000+ Color Photos, Descriptions, Much more info! 49.95

4125 Coins & Paper Money (Warman's) 2002PG, Berman, PB-302 Pgs., 9x11", 3000 Illustrations, Important Info, US, World, & Ancient Coins. 21.95

9244 Coins & Prices 2005PG, North American 14th Edit., PB-600 Pgs., 6x9", 45,000 Prices, Illustrated, Hot Buys, Identify, Much More! 17.95

3252 Coin-Op Vending Machines 2002-03 Values, Carini, PB-160 Pgs., 321 Color Photos, 1890's thru 1960s, All types of dispensers shown! 19.95

3240 Coin Machines, Coll. Guide to Vintage, 2nd Edit. Bueschel, 1998-99 PG, HB-219 Pgs., Color Photos, Slot, Jukeboxes, Pinball. 39.95

2318 Electric Fans, Coll. Guide, Witt, 2002 Values, PB-191 Pgs., 100's Photos, Descr., Important Details, Dates, Much More! 8x11" 16.95

1059 FIREFIGHTING COLLECTIBLES., "HOT STUFF", Gurka, 2001-02PG, PB-253 Pgs., Alarms, Helmets, Photos, Hoses, Lanterns, Etc. 24 NEW PAGES ADDED FROM PREVIOUS EDITION, History, Firemarks, Grenades, Art, Books, Hats, Bells, Signs, Toys, Advertising, More! 19.95

3480 Flint Faience Tiles A-Z, 2004 PG, Carney, HB-272 Pgs., 9x11", 825 Color Photos, All types of tiles shown, History, Descr., Marks, More! 69.95

2172 Fountain Pens Past & Present, 2004-05 PG, Erano, HB-287 Pgs., Color Photos, 8 Major Manufacturers, Vintage & Contemporary, More! 24.95

3786 Garden Ornaments & Antiques, 2000-01PG, Outwater, HB-223 Pgs., Color Photos, Statues, Birdbaths, Fountains, Columns, Etc. 39.95

3836 Horse Antiques and Collectibles, 2002PG, Rashkin, PB-158 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, All types of Items, Index, Tips, Etc. 29.95

3695 Inkwells (The Collector's World of), 2000PG, Hunting, HB-288 Pgs., 9x12", 1,017 Color Photos, Descr., Circa 1750-1920, All types. 69.95

9253 License Plate Values, United States & Canada, 2003 PG, Crisler, PB-175 Pgs., 1000s listed, 7th Edit, Grading, US & Can. 5x8" 19.95

1038 LUNCH BOXES, METAL & THERMOSES, Aikins, 1999 PG, Color Photos, PB-218 Pgs., GI Joe, Disney, TV, Etc., 500 Boxes, 5x8" 19.95

3537 Match Holders (Collectible) For Tabletops and Walls, 99PG, Hunting, PB-160 Pgs., 541 Color Photos, Info, History, Descr.,Etc. 29.95

3071 Medical Instruments, Antique, Wilbur M.D., 2003 PG, PB-156 pgs., Illust., Diagnostic-Therapeutic, Much More Info, 8x11", 5th Edit. 14.95

3278 Mining Equipment (Antique & Collectibles), 2002PG, Pearson, PB-172 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, All types of items shown! 29.95

3601 Openers (Just for) A Guide to Beer, Soda, & Other Openers, 99PG, Bull & Stanley, PB-160 Pgs., 8x11", 100's Color Photos, Info, Etc. 29.95

1121 Parker Pen Repair Manual, NP, PB-37 Pgs., Repairing Pens, Parts, When to refill, Repairing leaks, Proper Care, Pencil Info, More! 9.95

5011 Patriotic Memorabilia (American) 2003 Official PG, Polak, PB-214 Pgs., Flags, Uncle Sam Items, WWI & II, Eagles, Much More! 16.95

3310 Pens & Pencils, A Coll. Handbook, Martini, 2001 PG, PB-148 Pgs., 100's Color & B/W Photos, Revised 3rd Edition, Much Info 8x11" 24.95

3804 Photographic Cases, 2001PG, Kenny, HB-173 Pgs., 9x11", 460 Photos & Illustrations, Forms, Artists, Case makers, Descr., More! 59.95

3506 Picture & Photo Frames (Collecting) 98-99PG, Schneider, HB-176 Pgs., 400 Color Photos, 1800s -1940s, Descr., Dates, Etc. 8x11" 39.95

3314 Pinball Compendium 1930s-1960s, 2002PG, Shalhoub, HB-239 Pgs., 9x12", 600+ Color Photos, Many Manufacturers, Much More! 49.95

3490 Pinball Compendium 1970-1981, 2004 PG, Shalhoub, HB-240 Pgs., Color Photos, Large Descriptions, Much Info, info on designers, Etc. 59.95

3663 Pinball Book (The Complete), 2000PG, Rossignoli, HB-320 Pgs., 9x12", 100s of Color Photos, Descr, History, Dates, Much More Info! 59.95

3122 Pinball Memories: Forty Years of Fun 1958-1998, 2003PG, Rossignoli, HB-272 Pgs., 810 Color Photos, Special Features, More! 59.95

3600 Pocket Mirrors (Antique), 2003 PG, Dantzic, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 165 Color Photos, 500 Mirrors are shown, All types, History, Much More! 29.95

5025 Political Memorabilia (Instant Expert) NP, Friz, PB-211 Pgs.,Photos, Tips, Answers to Questions, History, Resource Guide, Much More! 12.95

3120 Postmortem Collectibles, 2001PG, C.L. Miller, PB-160 Pgs., 11x9", Collectible items from funeral homes, Photos, Descr., Etc. 29.95

3573 Scales: A Collector's Guide, 2nd Edit., 2004 PG, Berning, PB-160 Pgs., All types of scales are shown in full color with descriptions, Etc. 29.95

2008 Scottie Dog Collectibles Vol. #3, (A Treasury Of), 2002PG, Davis, PB-191 Pgs., Color Photos, Descr., Dates, Sizes, More! 24.95

4006 Scouting Collectibles (U.S.), 2001 PG, Cuhaj, PB-398 Pgs., 1250 Items in Photos, 11,000 Listings, 175 Color Photos, 9x11", 2nd Edit. 26.95

3183 Scrimshaw: The Whaler's Legacy, Price Guide, HB-240 Pgs., 9x11", 408 Color Photos, Descr., Also Artists, Tools, History, Etc. 69.95

3842 Specs Appeal, 1950s & 1960s Eyewear, 2002PG, Pina, HB-173 Pgs., 12x9", 450 Color Photos, Descr., Whimsical Stylings! More. 39.95

4091 Stereo Views, 2002PG, 2nd Edit., Waldsmith, PB-336 Pgs., 7x10", 10,000 Listings, Photos, Stereo views, View-Master reels, 3-D, More! 24.95

3449 Tea & Taste, Visual Language of Tea, NP, HB-192 Pgs., 330 Color Photos, All types of items used in tea service, History, Descriptions! 35.00

3143 Telephones, Ant. To Modern, Dooner, 1998 PG, PB-176 Pgs., 500 Color Photos, Full Descr., Histories, 8x11" 29.95

4035 Tobacco Collectibles (Warman's), 2003 PG, Moran, PB-349 Pgs., 9x11", Lighters, Ashtrays, Tins, Matches, Safes, & Other Items! 24.95

3608 Toothbrush Holders (Antique), 2003 PG, Smith, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 400 Color Photos, All types and materials are shown, History, Etc. 29.95

4019 Vintage House Book, Classic American Homes 1880-1980, NP, 2500 Images, Styles, Kitchens, Baths, Lighting, Appliances, Etc. 21.99

3434 World's Fair Collectibles Chicago 1933 & New York 1939, 1998 PG, Rossen, PB-160 Pgs., 308 4206 Zippo Lighters ID & Price Guide, 2004-05 Values, Lewis, PB-208 Pgs., Color Photos, Codes to Date, History, Descr, Much Info, Etc. 24.95

3156 Zippo: The Great American Lighter, 1997 PG, Poore, HB-196 PGs., 500+ Color Photos, History, includes other zippo items, 8x11" 39.95

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