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Real Cowboys & Western

3152 Cowboy Culture, Friedman, HB-304 Pgs., 1992 PG, Color, Tools, Clothing, Advertisments., Amusements, Spurs, Gloves, Holsters, Bits, Hats, Badges, Knives, Over 1000 Color Photos, Objects related to Wild West Shows included 79.95

3097 Western Memorabilia & Collectibles, Ball, 94 Values, All Color, PB- 111 Pgs, Tools, Maps, Chaps, Gambling items, etc 19.95

2019 Great American West Collectibles, Wilson, 1996-97 Values, HB-174 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Misc. Items, Descriptions, Etc 24.95

9033 Western Memorabilia, Ketchum, Ist Edition, 93-94 Values, PB-327 Pgs., Cowboy, Gold Rush Items, Indian Relics, etc. 15.00

Sports, Golf, Lures, Tackle, Etc.

4062 Malloy's Sports Collectibles, 93-94 Values, PB-439 Pgs, Auto Racing, Baseball,.Basketball, Boxing, Horse Racing, Etc. . 17.95

7008 Golf Antiques & Other Treasures of the Game, Olman, 1993-94 Values, PB-291 Pgs., Clubs, Balls, Tees, Accesories, Etc., History, Display & Care, Museums, Artwork, Ceramics, Prints, Silver, Paper Collectibles, (Expanded Edition) 19.95

2244 Fishing Lure Collectibles, Murphy & Edmisten, 1995 Values, 1000 Lures in Full Color, Includes the "Big Ten" Companies, Misc. Companies, Mainly shows lures made before 1940, Descriptions, Dates, Sizes, Infomation, Etc 24.95

6025 Old Fishing Lures #4 Luckey, PB-618s., 1996Values, Fully Illustrated, Complete descriptions, Gives Lure Length & Weight, Dates, Rods & Reels, Tackle Manufacturers-Past & Present Now includes plastics. 1000's photos. 22.95

9250 Old Fishing Reels, Collector's Guide, Homel, 1995 Values, PB-93 Pgs., Photos, Info, History, 1840-1970 9.95

9251 Old Fishing Tackle & Collectibles, Homel, 1995 Values, PB-95 Pgs., Photos, History, Identification, Includes: Rods, Reels, Lures, Plugs, Fly Fishing, Creels & Nets, Paper Coll., Lines & Hooks, Bobbers, Fishing Books, Etc 10.95

7078 Fishing Rods, Ant. & Coll., Homel, 1997 PG, Photos, History, Patents, Tips & Defects, 3 Condition Levels, PB-128 Pgs 19.95

7194 Fishing Reels, Antique & Collectible. Jellison-Homel, 1996-97 Values. PB-192pgs. Identification, Evaluation, Maintainence. Photos. 23.95

6030 Bird Decoys & Duck Calls, 2nd Edit., Luckey, 92 Values, PB-232 pgs, Illustrations, 240 pgs, 230+ decoys- 100 calls 22.95

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