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3301 200 Years American Manuf. Jewelry & Access., 2003 PG, Marshall, PB-160 Pgs., 298 Color Photos, Descr., Much More! 29.95

3341 ABCs of Costume Jewelry, 2003-04 PG, Salsbury, 575 Color Photos, 100 Designers, PB-160 Pgs., All types of info is included, More! 29.95

3053 American Jewelry Manufacturers, Rainwater, 1000's Marks, HB-296 Pgs., NP, History, Comprehensive reference, 8X11" 49.95

7250 Antique Jewellery, (Starting to Collect) NP, Benjamin, HB-191 Pgs., Color Photos, Info on what to buy, where & why, fakes, Much More! 25.00

3843 Art Deco Bakelite Jewelry & Boxes, 2002PG, Keresztury & Schiffer, HB-159 Pgs., 12x9", Color Photos, Cubism, Descr., More! 39.95

3389 Bakelite Collection, 1997 PG, Burkholz, HB-242 Pgs., Fantastic Jewelry in Full Color, Descriptions, Collector's preferences, More! 8"X11" 59.95

3085 Bakelite Jewelry: Good*Better*Best, 1997 PG., Wasserstrom & Pina, HB-176 Pgs., 427 Color Photos, Descr., informative, 8X11" 39.95

3826 Bakelite Pins, 2001-02PG, Parry, PB-192 Pgs., 6x9", 605 Color Photos, Descr., History, Testing, Decorative Techniques, Fakes, More! 19.95

2068 Brilliant Rhinestones, 2003PG, Aikins, HB-223 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., Vintage & Contemporary, Dates, Much More! 24.95

3426 Cameos, Classical to Costume, 1998 PG, Clements, HB-224 Pgs., 526 Color Photos, 1700s - Present, Over 1400 Examples, More! 59.95

3551 Cameos: A Pocket Guide, 2003 PG, 2nd Edit., Clements, PB-160 Pgs., 6x9", 315 Color Photos, All types of cameos shown, Much More! 19.95

2126 Christmas Pins, Past & Present, 2nd Edit., 2004 PG, Gallina, PB-144 Pgs., 700 Items in color photos, Over 400 New Pins added, More! 19.95

2170 Costume Jewelry 101, 2004-05 PG, Carroll, PB-304 Pgs, Color Photos, Basics of Starting, Building, & Upgrading Collections, Much More! 24.95

2437 Costume Jewelry, Unsigned Beauties, 2002PG, Brown, HB-270 Pgs., 9x11", 3500 Items in Color, Info, Dates, Metals, More! 24.95

4199 Costume Jewelry, ID & 2004 PG, Leshner, PB-224 Pgs., Victorian thru 1960s, 500 Color Photos, How to identify, Dates, Descr., More! 24.95

4047 Costume Jewelry 3rd Edit. (Collectible), 2003-04PG, Henzel, PB-120 Pgs., 6x9", Color Photos, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets & Pins, Etc. 19.95

7240 Costume Jewelry, Judith Miller's Guide, 2004 PG, HB-256 Pgs., 1500 Items in Full Color!, Very much Info, A Great Book to own! 30.00

9026 Costume Jewelry, Official 2002PG, 3rd Edit., Miller, PB-354 Pgs., 7x10", 300 Photos, Biographies of major designers, Care, Repros, Etc. 17.95

4095 Costume Jewelry Variations, 2003-04 PG, Cohen, PB-192 Pgs., 500 Photos, 800 Items, Descr., All types of items shown, Info, Etc. 22.95

3181 Evolving Southwest Indian Jewelry, 2003 PG, Schiffer, HB-256 Pgs., 600 Color Photos, All types of jewelry shown, much more! 59.95

2151 Inside the Jewelry Box, Costume Jewelry, 2004-05 PG, Pitman, PB-268 Pgs., 1000+ Color Photos, Descriptions, Much More! 24.95

4153 Jewelry Price Guide, Antique Trader's 2002PG, PB-280 Pgs., 6x9", 1000's of Listings, 100's Photos, Antique & Modern, More! 17.95

9037 Jewelry Detective (How To Be A), NP, Bell, How to identify, Marks, Terms, Cuts, Clues, How to Test, PB-166 Pgs., Photos, More! 18.95

3452 Jewelry Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition, 2004 PG, Karlin, 2nd Edit., Color, Materials, Motifs, Marks, Much More! HB-272 Pgs 69.95

3848 Lea Stein Jewelry, 2002PG, Just, HB-160 Pgs., 369 Color Photos, Plastic Jewelry by Le Stein Paris, Descr., Dates, All types of Items. 39.95

3204 Mexican Silver, 20th Century Jewelry & Metalwork, 2002 Values Reference, 3rd Edit., Morrill, HB-272 Pgx., 9x11", 440 Photos 59.95

3486 Miriam Haskell Jewelry, 2004 PG, Gordon, HB-256 Pgs., 600+ Color Photos, Important Info, Descr., Details on art, design, and More! 59.95

3473 Modernist Jewelry 1930-1960, 2004 PG, Schon, HB-272 Pgs., 540 Color Photos, 175 of the most important American Jewelers, Descr. 69.95

3459 Mourning Art & Jewelry, 2004 PG, DeLorme, HB-253 Pgs., 500 Color Photos, Jewelry, Pottery, Glass, Paintings, Much More info! 59.95

6013 Old Jewelry, Answers to Questions, 2003-04 PG, 6th Edit., Bell, PB-557 Pgs., 9x11", 1840-1950, 2000 Photos, Descr., Much More! 27.95

2474 Painted Porcelain Jewelry & Buttons, 2002PG, Kamm, PB-128 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, History, All types items, Much More! 24.95

2084 Plastic Jewelry of the 20th Century, 2003 PG, Baker, HB-236 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descriptions, All types of jewelry shown, More! 24.95

3090 Popular Jewelry 1840-1940, 3rd Edit., 2002-03 PG, Ettinger, PB-176 Pgs., 9x11", 500 Color Photos, All types of jewelry shown, More! 29.95

3125 Popular Jewelry of the 40's & 50's, 2003 PG Ettinger, PB-159 Pgs., Color Photos, Costume & Semi Precious, 1000s Items 8x11", 2nd Edit 29.95

4068 Rhinestone Jewelry 2003-04 PG, Leshner, PB-208 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Major Designers, Care, Cuts & Shapes, Much More Info! 24.95

3825 Rhinestones! 2003 PG, 4th Edit., Schiffer, PB-160 Pgs., 300 Color Photos, Descr., Pieces by Boucher, Carnegie, Eisenberg, & Others! 16.95

3127 Sarah Coventry Jewelry, 2003 PG, Oshel, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 432 Color Photos, Years 1949-1984, Organized chronologically, More! 29.95

3733 Sarah Coventry (Fine Fashion Jewelry From), 2000PG, Lindbeck, PB-160 Pgs., 650 Color Photos, All types of Jewelry, More! 29.95

2319 Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry, 2002PG, Brown, HB-270 Pgs., 9x11", 800+ Color Photos, Well known companies & designers! 24.95

2143 Signed Beauties of Costume Jewelry Vol #2, 2004 PG, Brown, HB-175 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., How to identify company! 24.95

2453 Silver Jewelry (Collectible) 2001PG, Rezazadeh, HB-237 Pgs., Color Photos, Marks, Descr., American, European, Scand., Etc. 24.95

3176 Silver Jewelry Treasures, 3rd Edit., 2003PG, Schiffer, PB-144 PGs., 250+ Color Photos, European, American Indian, Mexican, Etc. 16.95

3032 Silver Masters of Mexico, Morrill, 1997 PG, HB-224 Pgs., 484 Color Photos, Major Designers, History, Much More! 8x11" 49.95

3783 Southwest Silver Jewelry, 2001PG, Baxter, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., 1860s thru 1960s shown, Much More Info! 49.95

3492 Turquoise Jewelry, 2nd Edit., 2004-05 PG, Schiffer, PB-64 Pgs., Color Photos, 100's items, bracelets, belts, ties, necklaces, etc. 9.95

4173 Vintage Jewelry 1920-1940s, 2002PG, Leshner, PB-205 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, White Metal & Rhinestone, 1000 items shown, More! 24.95

4021 Warman's Antique Jewelry Field Guide, 2003PG, Bell, PB-509 Pgs., 5x6", 400 b/w photos, Antique, Modern, Costume, History, Marks! 12.95

4129 Warman's Jewelry 3rd Edit., 2003 PG, Romero, PB-272 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, 18th, 19th, & 20th Century, Identification, Marks, More! 29.95

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