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Buttons, Purses, Compacts, Lace, Thimbles, Darners, Clothing, Etc.

3829 Aprons of the Mid-Twentieth Century, 2001PG, Florence, PB-160 Pgs., 406 Color Photos, All types of aprons shown, More! 29.95

3732 Beads on Bags 1800s-2000, 2000PG, Winfield, HB-214 Pgs., 9x11", 600 Color Photos, All types of beaded bags, Descr., Much More! 49.95

3002 Button Button, Ident. & 1997 PG, Revised, Osborne, PB-167 Pgs, 242 Color Photos, Age, Material, Desirability, Etc. 6x9" 16.95

2310 Buttons Volume #1, Antique & Collectible, 2003 PG, Wisniewski, HB-167 Pgs., 100's of all types of buttons in Color!, Descriptions, Etc. 19.95

2075 Buttons, Antique & Collectible Volume #2, 2002-03PG, Wisniewski, Color Photos, HB-256 Pgs., All types materials, No repeats of Vol1. 24.95

3167 Buttons, The Coll. Ency., 5th Edit. 2003 PG , Luscomb, HB-241 Pgs, 3000 Buttons Illust., History & Info easy to find, 7x10", All periods! 24.95

3261 Chenille, A Collector's Guide, 2002PG, Greason, Skinner, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 100s of spreads, novelty items, Descr., More! 29.95

3599 Fun Linens & Handkerchiefs of the 20th Century, 2003 PG, Scofield, PB-160 Pgs., Color Photos, Tablecloths, Napkins, Towels, Etc. 29.95

3148 Gingham Aprons of the 40s & 50s, 2003 PG, Florence, "A Checkered Past", PB-144 PGs., 377 Color Photos, Much More! 29.95

3131 Handbags, 2003PG4th Edit., Ettinger, PB-192 Pgs., 9x11", 450 Color Photos, Beaded, Mesh, Rhinestone, Leather, Silk, Plastic, More! 29.95

3302 Handkerchiefs: Printed & Lace, 2003 PG, Wilson, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", 413 Color Photos, Arranged by Decades, Much More Info! 29.95

3717 Handkerchiefs, (Collecting), 2000PG, Mihalick, PB-143 Pgs., 9x11", 300 Color Photos, All types are shown, Descr., Dates, Sizes. 24.95

2142 Handkerchiefs, Collector's Guide, 2004 PG, Guarnaccia, HB-303 Pgs., 100's Color Photos, Descr., All types are shown, Novelty, Etc. 24.95

3447 Hatpins (Lillian Baker's Ency.) NP, HB-192 Pgs., 550 color photos, Revised and Expanded, 1000's shown in color, 8x11", Much More! 39.95

2356 Hats & Bonnets 1770-1970 (Vintage), 2002 PG., Langley, HB-404 Pgs., All Color Photos, Complete Descriptions, History, More. 24.95

3368 Hooked Rugs, Complete Guide to Collecting, 2003-04 PG, Turbayne, HB-158 Pgs., 400 Color Photos, Descr., Much More! 39.95

3037 Household Linens, Collecting , More, 1997 PG, Johnson, PB-160 Pgs., 508 Color Photos, Descr., Much More! 8x11" 29.95

3046 Lace (Antique) Identifying Types & Techniques, 2002PG, Toomer, HB-224 Pgs., 9x11", 302 Color Photos, Dating, Cleaning 49.95

2454 Ladies' Vintage Accessories, 2001PG, Bruton, HB-333 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Aprons, Hankies, Hats, Shoes, Gloves, Fans. 24.95

3179 Linens (Antique) From the Kitchen to the Boudoir, 2003PG, Manchester, HB-191 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, All types of Items, More! 39.95

3571 Needlework Tools (Antique) 99PG, McConnel, HB-256 Pgs., 8x11", Color Photos, Medieval - 20th Century, Chronology, Much More! 59.95

3806 Popular Purses: It's in the Bag!, 2001PG, Pina, HB-165 Pgs., 12x9", 400 Color Photos, Mid 20th Century, Descr, Much More! 39.95

2141 Purse Masterpieces, 2004 PG, Schwartz, HB-272 Pgs., All types of info is given on fine purses, 700 Color Photos, Descriptions, More! 29.95

3132 Purses: Whiting & Davis, The Perfect Mesh, 2002PG, Pina, HB-208 Pgs., 600+ Color Photos, Mesh Bags, Ads, Past & Present, More! 59.95

5010 Quilts, Official Price Guide, 2nd Edit., 2004 PG, PB-286 Pgs., 100 Photos & Patterns, Sources, History, How to start collection, etc. 16.00

2163 Quilts & Textiles (Antique), 2004 PG, Aug & Roy, HB-191 Pgs., Color Photos, Descr., Quilts, Clothing, Fabrics, Rugs, Towels, Etc. 24.95

2254 Vintage Quilts, Identifying, Collecting, Dating, Etc., 2002PG, Aug, HB-224 Pgs., Color Photos, Styles, Patterns, Eras, Much More! 24.95

2312 Sewing Tools & Trinkets, 2000 PG, Thompson, HB-160 Pgs., Color Photos, Descr., Dates, Index, Much More! 8x11" 24.95

2197 Sewing Tools & Trinkets Vol. #2, 2002PG, Thompson, HB-160 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., Dates, All types of items shown, More! 24.95

1093 STRINGHOLDERS, COLL. GUIDE, Sharon Jacobs, 2001 PG, Color Photos, PB-88 Pgs.,Descr., Much More! 8x11" 19.95

3402 Tablecloths & Linens (Vintage Souvenir), 2004 PG, Glasell, PB-175 Pgs., 300 Color Photos, 1920s-1960s, States, Fairs, Care, More! 29.95

3631 Tablecloths (More Terrific) 99-2000PG, Fehling, PB-160 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Items not in the 1st Volume, Descriptions, Etc. 29.95

3395 Toile, Storied Fabrics of Europe & America, NP, Palmer, HB-176 Pgs., 225 Color Photos, Descriptions, Size, Much More Info! 34.95

3087 Vintage Tablecloths (Collector's Guide), 2002PG, Glasell, PB-176 Pgs., 9x11", Color Photos, Descr., History, Styles, Repros, Much Info. 29.95

4049 Textiles, (Vintage, Complete Guide), 99-2000 PG, Kurella, PB-250 Pgs., 400+ Photos, Color & B/W, Lace, Quilts, Garments, Flags. 19.95

3047 Victorian Paisley Shawls, 2002PG, Gadsby, HB-208 Pgs., 9x11", 300 Color Photos, Long, Square & Various sizes, Tips, Types, More! 59.95

3257 Victorian & Edwardian Fashions for Women 1840-1949, 2002-03 PG, Harris, PB-208 Pgs., 466 Color Photos, All types of clothing! 29.95

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