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7057 Artist-Signed Postcard Price Guide, 2nd Edit., 2003-04 PG, Mashburn, PB-479 Pgs., 2300 Artists listed, Checkslists, 670 Photos, Etc. 21.95

4041 Book Collector's Price Guide, 2003-04, Russell, PB-448 Pgs., 6x9", 5000+ 1st Edit. Prices, Rarities top 10 lists, Who's Who, More! 24.95

4166 Books, Collecting, 4th Edit., 2002PG, Tedford, PB-480 Pgs., 6x10", Official Price Guide, 1000's books by author, all types listed, More! 18.00

2476 Boys & Girls Book Series, 2002PG, Jones, PB-205 Pgs., Color Photos, 1000's books listed, All types of children's books, More! 19.95

2388 Children's Books 1850-1950 (Volume #2), 2001PG, Jones, PB-212 Pgs., Color Photos, 1000s Titles, Descr., Dates, Etc. 8x11" 19.95

3516 Cookbooks (Vintage) & Advertising Leaflets, 98-99PG, Norman, PB-175 Pgs., Color Photos, Sizes, Dates, 1860s-1950s, Etc. 29.95

2134 Cookbooks, Guide to Collecting, Allen, 2002 Prices, PB-213 Pgs, Color, Histories, Dates, Sizes, 100's items in color, 8x11" 14.95

4080 Comic Book Checklist and 2004 Price Guide, 10th Edit., 1961-Present, PB-764 Pgs., 120,000 comics listed & priced! Much More Info! 19.95

4105 Comic Values Annual 2004, Malloy, PB-840 Pgs., 93,000 Golden Age & Modern Comics, 1000 book covers, Descr., Much More! 19.95

7123 Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, 2004-05 PG, 34th Edit., PB-1013 Pgs., The Bible for comic collectors, Photos, Descr., More! 25.00

6004 Little Golden Books, 5th Edit., 2003-04 PG, Santi, PB-560 Pgs., 4500 Listings, 3750 Photos, Descr., Dates, Sizes, Much More Info! 27.95

1065 MAGAZINES PRICE GUIDE (OLD), 2003 PG, PB-112 Pgs., Includes all types of Mags, Photos, Dates, Much More! 5x8" 9.95

2077 Old Magazines, 2003 PG, Clear, PB-288 Pgs., 9x11", 900 Color Photos, Focus on more common issues, sizes, dates, publisher, More! 19.95

4024 Photographs (Early) Collector's Guide 2nd Edit., 99PG, Mace, PB-214 Pgs., 8x11", b/w & color photos, Identifies, trends, More! 19.95

1011 Postcards, Collectors. Guide, Wood, 2003 PG, 3,000 +Cards Illustrated & Priced, PB-176 Pgs, Descr., All types of postcards included! 9.95

7041 Postcards (Miller's Collector's Guide), 2000-01PG, PB-64 Pgs., 6x9", 150 Cards in Color, All types, Tips on how to value, More! 9.95

7036 Postcard Price Guide, 4th Edit., 2001PG, Mashburn, PB-591 Pgs., 6x9", 900 Photos, All types of postcards listed, Comprehensive. 21.95

7139 Sanders Price Guide to Autographs, 2003-04PG, 6th Edit., PB-736 Pgs., The most extensive autograph reference!, Much More! 29.95

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