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Botanical Prints

Handcolored Botanical Prints circa 1866. apprx. 5 1/2" x 8 3/4" matted to 9" x 12"

Sisymbrium Irio - London Rocket (005bp019) Click to view $15.00

Hedge Calamint (005bp024) Click to view $15.00

Dove's Foot Cranes's Bill (005bp025) Click to view $15.00

Valerian (005bp026) Click to view $15.00

Shrubby Cinque Foil, Silver Weed, Strawberry Flower, and 9 other flowers identified and numbered (005bp027) Click to view $15.00

New Amaranth Sunrise (005bp030) Click to view $15.00

Sambucus ebulus - Dwarf Elder (Two small tears upper right edge and top) (005bp031) Click to view $15.00

Cardamine eu-hirsuta - Common hairy Lady's smock (005bp032) Click to view $15.00

Arabis petraea - Alpine Rock-cress (005bp033) Click to view $15.00

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