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Anne Pratt Botanical Prints - London 1880

Anne Pratt chromolithographed botanical prints circa 1880. Illustrations of marsh, woodland and field plants. Approximately 6" wide x 9" high. Some prints have water damage along the edge. Most very good - fine. Have these prints creatively matted, framed, and grouped and you will have an elegant and decorative wall.

Upright brome grass, Hairy wood, Upright annual. (005bpp01) (Shown above on the left) $15.00

Mountain carex, Round Headed, Dwarf Silvery, and seven other flowers identified and numbered. (005bpp02) (Shown above on the right) $15.00

Asarabacca, Black Crowberry, Perennial Mercury, Annual. (005bpp03) Click to view $15.00

Common white willow, Yellow oster, Dark long leaved, Rosemary leaved. (005bpp04) Click to view $15.00

Long leaved pond weed, Shining, and six other flowers identified and numbered. (005bpp05) Click to view $15.00

Common British oak, Hazel nut, Hornbeam. (005bpp06) Click to view $15.00

Purple spurge, Sun, Broad leaved warted, Irish. (005bpp07) Click to view $15.00

Wild Amaranth, Beet, Stinking Goosefoot, Many seeded. (005bpp08) Click to view $15.00

Common sorrel, Sheep's S., Kidney shaped mountain S., Spurge laurel. (005bpp09) Click to view $15.00

Marsh Spurge, Coral like hairy s., Leafy branched S., Cyprus S. (005bpp10) Click to view $15.00

Ivy leaved duckweed. Lesser D., Greater D., Gibbous. (005bpp11) Click to view $15.00

Dwarf Capillary Carex, Loose flowered alpine, Mud and seven other flowers identified and numbered. (005bpp12) Click to view $15.00

Fiddle dock, Broad leaved D., Golden D., Yellow Marsh D. (005bpp13) Click to view $15.00

Baltic rush, thread R., Great sharp sea R., and three other rushes identified and numbered. (005bpp14) Click to view $15.00

Sea spurge, Portland S., Petit S., Dwarf S. (005bpp15) Click to view $15.00

Fig leaved goosefoot, oak leaved G., Red G., Mercury G. (005bpp16) Click to view $15.00

Knotted figwort, Ehrharti F., Water F., Balm F., Yellow F. (005bpp17) Click to view $15.00

Sallow thorn, Sweet Gale, Birch, Dwarf B., Alder. (005bpp18) Click to view $15.00

Silky leaved osier, long leaved sallow, Ferruginous S., Common S. (005bpp19) Click to view $15.00

Sea Ruppia, Common horned pond weed, broad leaved grass wrack, dwarf G. W., Sweet Cyperus, Brown C., Black bog rush. (005bpp20) Click to view $15.00

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