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Pastel Portraits of Ringling Bros. Circus Clowns by David Farrell

David Farrell has captured the human attributes of the people behind the beloved clown faces. These beautifully executed pastel portraits depict the shy, pensive, jovial, and joyful nature of the clowns of the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. Other circus performers and members of the Ringling Bros. organization are given the same sensitive portrayals and attention to detail as the clowns. This impressive collection of portraits came from the estate of Laura & Fred Landrum of Venice, Florida. The Landrums were longtime collectors of circus memorabilia. They created their own museum so that others could enjoy their wonderful finds. Because the Landrums lived close to the winter home of Ringling Bros. Circus they were able to get some of the portraits autographed by their subjects. 12 of the pastels are mounted in a 24" x 30" mat and signed David Farrell in the lower right corner. View 17" x 22.5" The others are taped to boards. We have identified the subject if the information was available. This is a great opportunity to acquire these wonderful portraits for a fraction of their original cost. Click on the small picture to see an enlarged image.

Mike King (003Farrell01) $45.00

Phil (003Farrell02) $45.00

Bill Bradley (Signed by Bradley lower left in pen) (003Farrell04) $45.00

Armon Duo (003Farrell05) $45.00

Tommy Parrish 1982 (Signed "To Laura Keep Smiling Tom Parrish" lower left in Magic marker) (003Farrell06) $45.00

Henry Schorer 1977 (Signed by Schorer lower right in pen) (003Farrell07) $45.00

Smokey (Signed "Smokey" lower right in pen) (003Farrell09) $45.00

Armon Duo (003Farrell16) $45.00

Dean McMurray 1977 (Signed "Dean McMurray 12-13-77" in pen lower left) (003Farrell10) $45.00

Jewell Neu (003Farrell11) $45.00 SOLD

Armon Duo (Signed pen lower left) (003Farrell12) $45.00

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