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Civil War Campaign Prints - H. A. Ogden -1897

Original lithographed prints by H. A. Ogden 10" x 12.5". Copyright 1897 by Knight and Brown. These plates were removed from a book on Civil War Military Campaigns (by some one else not us). There is an original crease horizontally where the plate folded within the book.

003cw1 | 003cw2

Thomas at Chicamaugua. Sept. 20, 1863 (Stock number 003cw1) SOLD

Burnside at Fredericksburg. Dec. 13, 1862(Stock number 003cw2) SOLD

003cw3 |003cw4

Hooker at Chancellorsville May 3, 1863(Stock number 003cw3) SOLD

Sheridan at Five Forks. April 1, 1865 (Stock number 003cw4) SOLD

003cw5 | 003cw6

Meade at Gettysburg July 2, 1863 (Stock number 003cw5) SOLD

Sherman at Kenesaw Mountain October 4, 1864(Stock number 003cw6) SOLD


Grant in the Wilderness May 5, 1864 (Stock number 003cw7) SOLD

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