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Merchant Ship Chromolithographs by C. de Lacy

We offer five beautifully executed chromolithographs depicting life in and around a merchant ship. Probably bookplates from "Merchant Ships" by S. Braine published c. 1930. The illustrations by C. de Lacy are predominately done in tones of blue and brown. Sight 8"w x 10"h; matted 12"w x 16"h. $25.00 each

Stock number 003deLacy1 | Stock number 003deLacy2

Stock number 003deLacy3 | Stock number 003deLacy4

Stock number 003deLacy5

"Landing A Cargo of Cotton" (Stock number 003deLacy1) $25.00

"Unloading Sugar at the Docks" (Stock number 003deLacy2) $25.00

"P. and O. Liner" (Stock number 003deLacy3) $25.00

"Loading Tea" (Stock number 003deLacy4) $25.00

"Grain Elevator" (Stock number 003deLacy5) $25.00

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