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"Derby Days" - Chromolithograph Die-cut by George Cruikshank

At first glance this appears to be a rather pleasant picture of a parade. Upon closer examination you realize that you are looking at an embossed chromolithograph die-cut of extraordinary complexity and wit. The banner in the upper left proclaims its title and artist: "Derby Days: The Return. Painted by George Cruikshank." Cruikshak, a 19th Century artist and illustrator was noted for his political satire and caricatures. Captions on the lower edge of the piece describe the characters. There are "Arabs not from the East", "Ladies in Waiting", "Bad Eggs", "Music Hath Charms, etc." and more. We are not familiar with the political events that prompted this piece. However, it can stand on its aesthetic value as well as its role as a piece of political commentary. The entire piece measures 17.5" wide x 9.5" high in original gold frame. Print measures 12" x 3.5" There is some mold on the lower left, folds, and a small bit of paper loss. Several scrapes and nicks on the frame. (Stock number 003chromo219a) $150.00

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