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19th Century Fashion Prints - Les Modes Parisiennes

In the later quarter of the 19th century there was a proliferation of women's magazines. These periodicals, whose circulation numbered in the millions, created heightened interest in clothing, needlework and household decor. The average homemaker was exposed to the latest in American and Parisian fashions. If she had some skill as a dressmaker or the money to employ one she could replicate the dresses depicted in these magazines. We offer a selection of color prints from the "Les Modes Parisiennes" series from Peterson's Magazine. These date from the 1870s and 1880s. These prints all have the original folds, but matted and framed they would make a lovely display. Prints measures approximately 11.5" wide x 9.5" high. $25.00 each



June 1889 - Down By the Lake (Stock number 005fashpr01)

January 1889 - An Evening Reception (Stock number 005fashpr02)



February 1887 - Winter Day (Stock number 005fashpr03)

January 1887 - "At Home" of an Evening (Stock number 005fashpr04)



July 1889 - Garden Party (Stock number 005fashpr05)

June 1873 (Stock number 005fashpr06)


May 1877 - The Walk to the Fields (Stock number 005fashpr07)

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