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Lynn Bogue Hunt Game Bird Prints

Field and Stream Publishing Company put out these attractive prints done by Lynn Bogue Hunt (1878-1960) well known American bird painter. They are all signed in the plate and copyrighted 1944. The framed pieces measure 13.25" x 16.5". They all have some foxing and can probably benefit from reframing.

003Hunt01 | 003Hunt02

Canada Goose, Brant and Pintail (003Hunt01) $25.00 SOLD

Pinnated Grouse, Sharp-Tailed Grouse, Hungarian Partridge (003Hunt02) $25.00 SOLD

003Hunt03 | 003Hunt04

Band-tailed Pigeon, Blue Grouse, Mountain Quail (003Hunt03) $25.00 SOLD

Blue-winged Teal, Wood Duck, Mallard, Black Duck and Green-Winged Teal (003Hunt04) $25.00 SOLD

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