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Jets, Rockets and Spacemen - Original Trading Card Artwork

The Jets Rockets and Spacemen story continues in the tradition of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers of the 1930's. Captain Zara and Doctor Zara explore the planets of outer space, fighting battles against the creatures of the solar system.

The artwork was done by the George Moll Agency for Bowman Gum Co. in 1951 to 1952. The art measures approximately 4" x 6" and is shown here in 3/4 size.


Card number 9 - Spacemen Repairing Rocket in Flight. "Dr. Zara was giving us an informal lecture on the fourth dimension ehrn our moonship shivered from a violent impact. We went outside, and estimated the damage. There were bad dents, which might become fractures if not repaired. With pressurized tools, we poured liquified lunar material into the depressions. The liquid solidified instantly in the cold of the interplanetary void. The ship would remain spacetight." (Stock number 123jrs09) $2,400.00 SOLD

Card number 12 - Attacked by Ray Fighters. "Outlaw ray fighters flashed out of the void. They spat green hypo-cosmic rays at our moon rocket 6X52, These hypo rays can go through a spaceship, or other object without damaging it. They have no effect on Venusians or Martians. But they put Earthmen to sleep. The object was to capture the 6X52 and sell us into slavery on some distant asteroid. Drowsiness crept over us. But we shook it off, and manned our blast guns. We repelled the vicious attack." (Stock number 123jrs12) $2,500.00 SOLD


Card number 30 - Slaying Deimos Rock Dragon. "On Deimos - further moon of Mars - Capt. Argo, Dr. Zara and I strayed from the rest of the group. Solar Formula Q inoculations has adjusted us to the satellites un-Earthian conditions. A huge dragon roared out from the rocks. One of the claws raked my wrist. I thought I was a goner. But the captain and Dr. Zara fired their ray pistols with deadly effect. The monster collapsed at our feet. Martian physicians later applied healing balm to my injured wrist." (Stock number 123jrs30) $3,000.00 SOLD

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