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Edna Lawrence Drawings

Edna Lawrence, a well known artist from Providence, Rhode Island, has taken bold images from nature and transformed them into eerie, otherworldly creatures. These black and white drawings are provocative and engaging.


Title: Nature's Formations. (Arizona - Grand Canyon) Pencil. Pencil signed E.W. Lawrence lower right. 14"w x 10.5" h. Framed 14"w x 10.5" h. (Stock number 002Lawrence02) $175.00


Title: Magnesium. Pencil. 11"w x 14" h. Pencil signed Edna Lawrence upper right. (Stock number 002Lawrence03) $200.00


Title: The Silent Ones. Pencil. Pencil signed E.W. Lawrence lower right. 18.5"w x 12.5" h. Framed 25"w x 21"h. (Stock number 002Lawrence04) $150.00


Title: Arches. Lithographic Crayon. Signed E.W. Lawrence lower right. 22"w x 14" h. (Stock number 002Lawrence01) SOLD

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