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Lawson Nature Prints - Photogravures

A Small Collection of Photogravures published by Lawson Nature Print Company Portland Maine. These small prints evoke the same feeling as many Nutting and Davidson exterior views. Images are approx. 2 " x 3" on a 5" x 7" mat. Some mat soiling has occurred.

005pg001 | 005pg003 | 005pg004

Birches by a lake. Uncolored. (Stock number 005pg001) $10.00

Rock Dam. Hand Painted (Stock number 005pg003) $12.00

Crawford Notch. Hand Painted (Stock number 005pg004) $12.00

005pg002 | 005pg005 | 005pg010

Birches by the shore. Uncolored. (Stock number 005ph002) $10.00

Scene by a Lake. Hand Painted (Stock 005ph005) $12.00

Cattails by the Lake. Hand Painted (Stock 005ph010) $12.00

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