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"Mexico Lindo" - Photographs by Mario Bucovich

A selection of color photos of Mexico by Mario Bucovich captures the tranquillity and beauty of our neighbor to the south. Photographs of small town churches, mountain panoramas, and village life depict the variety of Mexican life and geography. The photos are clearly inspired by Wallace Nutting. Like Nutting's views of New England landscapes, Bucovich captures the serenity of the everyday vista. Each photograph is portfolio sized and measures 13.5"w x 20"h, the inner section measures 9.5"w x 12.5"h. Each piece is signed in ink by the photographer in the lower right corner. Click on the picture to see an enlarged view. $25 each.

003mexlin01 SOLD | 003mexlin02 | 003mexlin03 SOLD

San Miguel Tlaixpan - Texcoco (Stock number 003mexlin01) SOLD

Chalmita - Valle de Mexico (Stock number 003mexlin02)

Mercado de Amecameca (Stock number 003mexlin03) SOLD

003mexlin04 | 003mexlin05 | 003mexlin06

Cocoteros (Stock number 003mexlin04)

La Laguna de Coyuca (Stock number 003mexlin05)

San Juan Teotihuacan (Stock number 003mexlin06)

003mexlin07 SOLD | 003mexlin08 | 003mexlin09

San Francisco Acatepec (Stock number 003mexlin07) SOLD

Hacienda de Chautla (Stock number 003mexlin08)

Almoloya (Stock number 003mexlin09)

003mexlin10 | 003mexlin11 SOLD

Pie de la Cuesta (Stock number 003mexlin10)

Atardecer en Cholula (Stock number 003mexlin11) SOLD

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