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Wallace Nutting New England Scenes

Pencil Signed "A New England Road in May", Wallace Nutting. This is a typical Nutting Scene. Image measures approximately 13 1/2" x 10" And is mounted in a gilded 24" x 20" frame . Superb condition. (Stock number 003pr402a) $200.00

Pencil signed " A Berkshire Brook", Wallace Nutting. A flowering fruit tree at the side of a brook with a fence at the left. The image is 13" x 7" and is mounted in a gilded 23" x 16 1/2" frame. Superb condition. (Stock number 003pr402b) $200.00

Untitled Miniature Exterior - Flowering trees and stream by Wallace Nutting. Typical Wallace Nutting Spring scene with flowering cherry trees and other flowering trees lining a placid stream. Pencil signed "W. Nutting" in the lower right. Image measures approximately 5" x 4" The frame measures 9.5" x 7.75" (Stock number 003pr0531b) $75.00

Pencil Signed "Checkerings", Wallace Nutting. White birch, with their strong white vertical lines, dominate this hand painted photograph. Image measures approximately 4.25" x 6.75" The frame measures 9.5" x 11.5" Fine condition. (Stock number 003pr0326c) $100.00

"Among October Birches", by Wallace Nutting. Typical Wallace Nutting autumn scene in which the strong vertical birches play a leading role. Marked "Copyright 1942 Wallace Nutting" on the image. Image measures approximately 15.25" x 11.75" The frame measures 21" x 17.5" Water damaged mat, lower edge. (Stock number 003pr0326f) $65.00

Country Road with Birches by Wallace Nutting. A charming autumn scene of a New England dirt road lined with white birches. The image is approximately 11"w x 10"h and is in a simple wood frame. Marked © 1942 Wallace Nutting on the print. (Stock number 003pr295) $65.00

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