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Maxfield Parrish - St. Nicholas Magazine Prints

"The Page of Count Reynaud"

"The Three Caskets"

These bound volumes of St. Nicholas, an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks conducted by Mary Mapes Dodge are filled with wonderful stories written by prominent children's book authors of the day. Maxfield Parrish, a well known illustrator for adult magazines, also contributed work to children's publications. Each issue includes illustrations by other noted illustrators.

Volume XXVI covers issues from November 1898 to April 1899. The illustration is that of Count Reynaud and Pierrot that accompanied the story "The Page of Count Reynaud" by Evaleen Stein. The page is 7" x 9.5" (Stock number 003parrishSt.Nich1) $35.00 SOLD

Volume XXXI covers issues from November 1903 to April 1904. "The Three Caskets" by George M.R. Twose is illustrated by Parrish. The page measures 7" x 9.5" (Stock number 003parrishSt.Nich2) $35.00 SOLD

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