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Late nineteenth century prints from the English magazine, Vanity Fair. The images are complete but didn't really fit on our scanner. Click on the thumbnails for bigger images. Actual images are approximately 8" x 14"

"Jim" by Spy. (Stock number 003pr1028a) $25.00 SOLD

"Bargrave" Barrister. by Spy. Margins have been trimmed. (Stock number 003pr1028b) $25.00 SOLD

"Men of the Day No. 6" Prince Teck. (Stock number 003pr1028c) $25.00 SOLD

"Patiala" The Maharaja of Patialla. Polo Scene. (Stock number 003pr1028d) $30.00 SOLD

"Mid-Sussex" by Spy. Sir Henry Fletcher, Statesman. (Stock number 003pr1028e) $25.00SOLD

003vf615a | 003vf616g

Power & Place. (Earl of Beaconsfield (Disraeli) and Mr. Monagu Corry) 1879. Above left image. Spy. Approx 10" x 15 . Fine. (Stock number 003vf615a) $35.00 SOLD

The The Infallible (Pope Pius IX). 1870. Above right image. Unsigned. Approx 9 1/4" x 14 1/2" . Fine - Very fine. (Stock number 003vf616g) $25.00 SOLD

003vf615c | 003vf615b

A Great Med'cine Man among the Inquir-ing Redskins (Professor Huxley) 1871. Above left image. signed Ape. Approx 9 x 14" Fine. (Stock number 003vf615c) $25.00 SOLD

The People's William (Gladstone). 1879. Above right image. Signed Spy Approx 10" x 15" . Fine. (Stock number 003vf615b) $35.00 SOLD

003vf616p |

"Charlie" (Lord Saffield.) 1879. Above left image. Sgned by Ape. Approx 11" x 15.5 . VG-Fine.Soil in margin, folds. Will frame up well. (Stock number 003vf616p) $25.00 SOLD

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