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Original Sculpture Models

Being fond of body parts and things in imperfect but interesting condition we were thrilled when we discovered these original models. We were told they came from a foundry in New York City where bronze sculptures were cast from molds which were made from the models. The name of the artist was inscribed on two of the pieces. We believe that this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire an original work of sculpture for a very modest investment. The damage in no way detracts from the appeal of these pieces.

Young Man Handsome youth has an air of affluence about him mixed with a certain sadness. It is signed "Ludthe" on the edge of the piece. He stands about 16" tall. (Stock number 002sc1108d) $300.00

Gentleman Traditional bust of a distinguished gentleman. There is damage to his nose. It stands 16" tall. No signature. (Stock number 002sc0516) $175.00

General Pershing The uniform is evident on this intense portrait of the General. There is damage to both ears and some flaking. It stands 16" tall. Signed and dated by the artist "Marjorie Dasa Ges(r)field '39" Click for other view (Stock number 002sc1108b) $300.00

Unknown figure. He looks so familiar we know he must be some public figure. The model itself has no markings so we could find no assistance there. He strikes us as an elegant, distinguished figure. (Stock number 002sc1108a) $250.00

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