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Automobile Trade Journal - 1920's and 1930's Magazines

Autombile Trade Journal and Motor Age. January 1929 A pre-stock market crash issue with 334 pages of articles and advertisements for Buick, Stutz, Whippet, Pierce Arrow, Hudson, Essex, Franklin, Durant, Peerless, Marmon, Chrysler, Durant, Dodge. Olds and many more brands including many that failed to survive the depression. Highly illustrated. Top 2" of spine separating. Pages are clean and clear. $50.00 (Stock number 005atj001) SOLD

Autombile Trade Journal and Motor Age. May 1930. 226 pgs. Front cover loose. Early promotion of used car sales in the aftermath of the crash. $25.00 (Stock number 005atj002) SOLD

Automobile Trade Journal including Motor World Wholesale. January 1933. 146pgs. $25.00 (Stock number 005atj003) SOLD

Automobile Trade Journal. January 1935. Automobile Show Issue. 130pgs. Articles on Packard, Nash, Olds, Ford, Lincoln, Reo, Plymouth, Chrysler, Graham, Hupp. Hudson etc. $35.00 (Stock number 005atj004) SOLD

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