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Automobilia and Petroliana - A Miscellany

Residents of MA must add 5% sales tax


Click for detail Mobiloil - French Gargoyle Flange Sign. Click for reverse Flange has been flattened. Some rust and enamel loss front and back. Sign measures 25.25" wide x 15.5" high. $275.00 (Stock number 003gargoyle325)


Click for Detail Socony Motor Gasoline Mirror. 3.5" diameter. Water damaged. Some rust on reverse. $30.00 (Stock Number 003x1230ba)

Tire Repair Kits

Click for Detail Western Auto Safety Grip Inner Tube Repair Kit AS4507. Approx. 4 1/2" Tall, Minor rubbing on label, small amount of rust on cover. Partial contents (Stock number 003x424a) $30.00

Click for Detail Multi-use Repair Kit by Lee Tires (Junior Size), repairs rubber articles. Lee Tire & Rubber Corp., Conshohocken, Penna. No contents. Paper label on cardboard. F-VF $35.00 (Stock Number 003x424d)

Multi-use Repair Kit by Lee Tires (Junior Size), Repairs rubber articles. No contents. Paper label on cardboard. F-VF $35.00 (Stock Number 003x0018)
Click for detail Bonded Tube Repair Kit Self Vulcanizing. Approx. 4.25" tall. Partial contents. Paper label on cardboard. H.B. Egan Manufacturing Co., Muskogee, Okla. F-VF $35.00 (Stock Number 003x424e)
Click for Detail Allstate Tube Repair Kit, No. 1031. Approx. 5.5" tall. Two examples available each with partial contents. Example on the left - minor soiling and scratching. No rust or major dents.. (Stock number 003x213a) $25.00 Example on the right - heavy soil, top and side dents, scraping, minor rust (Stock number 003x213b) $12.50

Click for Detail Self-Vulcanizing Rubber Repair Kit. Approx. 4 1/2" Tall. Marked with a red "W" in a diamond. Label soiled and rubbed, small amount of rust on cover. Partial contents (Stock number 003x424b) $35.00

Click for Detail Goodrich Tube Patching Outfit. Number Three. Approx. 4 1/2" Tall. Minor dents, scratches, rust. Still a good early tin. Partial contents. (Stock number 003x213c) $25.00

Johns Manville Products. Dutch Brand. No. 18 Tube Patch Kit. Cardboard. Includes contents. (Manufacture precedes introduction of zip codes). VF (Stock number 003x0031) $25.00

Shop Size Good Year Combination Tube Repair Kit with Ready-Cut Bevel Patches, with contents. Some dents & pitting. VG-Fine. 7"h, 3 1/4"dia. $50.00 (Stock Number 003x0005)

Shell pad holders with paper cut-out shell design with metal clip. G-VG $12 (Stock Number 003x0014)

Click for Detail Firestone Tube Kit No. 0. Approx. 4 1/2" Tall, Very minor scratches on tin. Top scrapped with the earliest stages of rust. Partial contents (Stock number 003x213d) $30.00 SOLD

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