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Automobile Owners Manuals and Related Publications Pre 1950

Durant Motors

Star Cars Repair Manual. Models C-CC-F-(3 1/8" Bore Motor) March 1925. 112pgs Covers loose. (Stock number 005om1025h) $45.00


Ford Price List of Body Parts. Model T. May 15, 1926. 87 pgs illustrated. VG-Fine (Stock number 005om1025c) $40.00

Ford Price List of Parts. Model T. August 5, 1928. 55 pgs illustrated. Greasy. Covers loose, part of back cover missing (Stock number 005om1025d) $25.00


The Motorist's Operating Guide. A Handbook for Oldsmobile Owners 1941 (Stock number 005om002) $25.00


Chandler Pikes Peak Motor Traffic Transmission Instruction Book. Condition Fair to Good (Stock number 005om005) $28.00 SOLD

De Soto

De Soto Airflow III. Instruction Book. (Code S2) First Edition December 1935. For Cars After Serial Number 5,089,001. 46pgs. Fine (Stock number 005om1025a) $45.00 SOLD

Pierce Arrow

Pierce Arrow Motor Cars. Series Four. Care and Operation. 1916. Hardbound. 92 pgs. G (Stock number 005om1025g) $50.00 SOLD

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