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Fisk Tire "Time to Re-tire" Advertising Blotters

Approx. 3.5" x 6.25" Advertising Blotters for Fisk Tire Company Chicopee Massachusetts.

(Stock number 003fisk4)

Running Rooster & boy Card A. B.-226 . Copyright 1925. (Stock number 003fisk4) $10.00 SOLD

003fisk1 SOLD | 003fisk2 SOLD

Farmer at the swimming hole. Card A-11. Copyright 1924. Leslie Thrasher illustration. Light soil. (Stock number 003fisk1) $15.00 SOLD

Hobo asleep. Card A-10. Copyright 1924. Norman Rockwell illustration. Light soil. (Stock number 003fisk2) $20.00 SOLD

(Stock number 003fisk3) SOLD

Running Dog. Card A. B.-126 . Copyright 1925. Leslie Thrasher illustration. (Stock number 003fisk3) $10.00 SOLD

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