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Shell Victory Garden Club Prize Certificates - Shell Oil Company

It was September 11, 1943, World War II was in full swing and the Shell Victory Garden Club was having its harvest show in Boston to help raise spirits on the home front and share gardening skills. These 4" x 6" prize certificates were awarded.

First Prize Cucumber, White (Stock number 003shellgarden1) $8.00

First Prize Largest Tomato (Stock number 003shellgarden2) $8.00

First Prize Cucumber, White (Stock number 003shellgarden3) $8.00

First Prize Squash Zuccini (Stock number 003shellgarden4) $8.00

First Prize Grapes White (Stock number 003shellgarden5) $8.00

First Prize Pears (Stock number 003shellgarden6) $8.00

First Prize Swiss Chard (Stock number 003shellgarden7) $8.00

Second Prize Tomatoes, Yellow (Stock number 003shellgarden8) $8.00

Second Prize Tomatoes, Grapes, Concord (Stock number 003shellgarden9) $8.00

Second Prize Squash, Summer Straight Neck (Stock number 003shellgarden10) $8.00

Second Prize Broccoli (Stock number 003shellgarden19) $8.00

Third Prize Cucumber, Black Beauty (Stock number 003shellgarden11) $8.00

Third Prize Grapes (Caco) (Stock number 003shellgarden12) $8.00

Fourth Prize Peppers Green (Stock number 003shellgarden13) $8.00

Fourth Prize Beans, Snap (Stock number 003shellgarden14) $8.00

Fourth Prize Onions Small Yellow (Stock number 003shellgarden15) $8.00

Fourth Prize Tomatoes - Plum Type -Red (Stock number 003shellgarden16) $8.00

Fourth Prize Tomatoes Green (Stock number 003shellgarden17) $8.00

Special Prize Beans Long Cl. (Stock number 003shellgarden18) $8.00

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