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Service Station Magazines - 1930's and 40's

Automotive Merchandising. December 1934 Condition Very Good (Stock number 005ssm10) $15.00

Motor Service December 15, 1933 Condition Very Good (Stock number 005ssm11) $12.00

Motor Service September 15, 1934 Condition Very Good (Stock number 005ssm12) $12.00

Motor Service August 16, 1937 Condition Very Good - Fine (Stock number 005ssm13) $12.00

The Texaco Star. April 1942. Condition: Very Good (Stock number 005ssm14) $20.00 SOLD

The Texaco Star. July 1942. Condition: Very Good (Stock number 005ssm15) $20.00 SOLD

The Texaco Star. War Service Number 1943 Second Section.Includes photos and stories of Texaco employees in the military.. Condition: Very Good (Stock number 005ssm16) $25.00 SOLD

The Texaco Dealer. Autumn 1945. Condition Good - chewed at fold. (Stock number 005ssm17) $10.00SOLD

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