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Shell Ground Crew Service - Military Emblems

In 1942 with the war on and gasoline rationed, Shell Oil and its gasoline dealers gained a new emphasis on lubrication and service. 8 squadron emblems were issued as part of a Ground Crew Service Promotion and were given away to customers and prospects. The emblems printed on a canvas like material were colorful and are now quite uncommon. Complete sets are rare since wartime materials scarcity limited production. The round emblems were approx. 2 5/8" diameter, the ovals 3 1/4" x 2".

Full set of 8 original emblems in near mint condition. (Stock number 003Shellemb) $80.00

9th Bombardment Squadron - 11th Bombardment Squadron

19th Bombardment Squadron - 49th Bombardment Squadron

55th Pursuit Squadron - 27th Pursuit Squadron

36th Pursuit Squadron - 35th Pursuit Squadron

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