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1930s Texaco Posters

Wonderful giant ads with the same text and graphics as the print ads appearing in magazines. They were sent to Texaco dealers to place in their windows so they would promote Texaco Winter-Run Gasoline. We believe they probably date to the 1930s. Excellent condition.

003Texaco1 SOLD

003Texaco2 SOLD

Texaco Ad with Santa clearing a path to the pump in front of the Post Office and General Store in East Norway Maine. Approx. 24" w x 28" h. (Stock number 003Texaco1) $45.00 SOLD

Texaco Ad with a liveried driver in a snow covered automobile pulling up to a Texaco pump. Small hole where the folds meet. Approx. 24" w x 31" h. (Stock number 003Texaco2) $45.00 SOLD

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