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Gilgamesh - Limited Editions Club Book Illustrated by Irving Amen

Gilgamesh - Translated by William Ellery Leonard, Introduced by Leonard Cottrell and Illustrated by Irving Amen. This wonderful illustrated book was published for the members of The Limited Editions Club in Avon, Connecticut on 1974. Gilgamesh is the oldest known epic poem. It is believed to be of Sumerian origin and to have been written 2000 B.C. The text was pieced together from fragments of Babylonian cuneiform tablets. In fact the book is ordered by tablet number. The brown embossed image on the cover of the book represents the tablets on which the poem was carved. The oversized hardcover book is in very good to fine condition. Glasine dust jacket shows edge chipping with some cover and spine discoloration. Slipcase in very good condition. No. 1237 signed by illustrator Irving Amen. Includes newsletter and paperwork and original shipping carton. (Stock number 003Gilgamesh) $120.00

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