A Special Selection of Joan Walsh Anglund Books

Early printings of Joan Walsh Anglund's charming books. All published by Harcourt Brace and World, NY

Childhood Is A Time Of Innocence. 1964 marked first ed. VF (154jwa001) $30.00 SOLD
Spring is A New Beginning. 1963 VF (154jwa002) $18.00 SOLD
A Friend is Someone Who Likes You. 1958 marked first ed. F-VF Inscribed as gift on flyleaf (154jwa003) $30.00 SOLD
- Later printing VF (154jwa004) $15.00
Christmas is A Time of Giving. 1961. VF (154jwa005) $15.00 SOLD
Love is A Special Way of Feeling. 1960 VF (154jwa006) $15.00 SOLD
Look Out the Window 1959 VF (154jwa007) $15.00 SOLD
A Pocketful of Proverbs 1964 VF in slipcase. Probable first edition. (154jwa008) $30.00 SOLD

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