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Beadle's New York Dime Library Pulp Magazines

Beadle & Adams began publishing the Beadle's New York Dime Library in 1875. Each issue cost ten cents and contained a complete 32 page novel. These were manly magazines glorifying men of courage and daring-do. The cover illustration almost always portrayed a character holding a gun or knife. Their condition is quite good considering their age. All have discolored pages, some soiling, and chips and tears in the covers. All are complete. Other defects are noted. Click on the title to see an image of the front page.

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No. 446 Vol. XXXV May 11, 1887 - Ocean Ogre the Outcast Corsair; or, The Good Ship of Ill-Omen by Col. Prentiss Ingraham. (Stock number 003BDL446) $25.00

No. 489 Vol. XXXVIII March 7, 1888 - The Pirate Hunter; or, The Ocean Rivals by Col. Prentiss Ingraham. Corner nibble. (Stock number 003BDL489) SOLD

No. 623 Vol. XLVIII October 1, 1890 - Dangerous Dave, the Never Beaten Detective; or, A Fight with Foes from the Grave by Wm. H. Manning. Multiple spine tears, rough edges. (Stock number 003BDL623) $25.00

No. 625 Vol. XLVIII October 15, 1890 - Red Wings; or, The Gold Seekers of the Bahamas by Col. Prentiss Ingraham. Paper loss upper right corner, multiple spine tears, rough edges. (Stock number 003BDL625) $20.00

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