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The Boy Allies Series Books for Boys

The Boy Allies Books with the Navy by Ensign Robert L. Drake

Ensign Drake, an experienced naval officer, describes the adventures of Frank Chadwick and Jack Templeton, two young American boys who meet in unusual circumstances soon after the outbreak of war (WWI). They are posted to the British cruiser "The Sylph" where they share the adventures of the Allied sailors.

The Boy Allies with Uncle Sam's Cruisers or Convoying the American Army Across the Atlantic. NY: A. L. Burt Co. (1918) 252 pages. VG Condition. (Stock 003BoyAllies0817a) $15.00 SOLD

The Boy Allies Books with the Army by Clair W. Hayes

Two young American boys find themselves unable to leave Europe after the declaration of war (WWI). They cast their lot with the soldiers of the Allies. The books tell of their exploits, escapes and adventures.

The Boy Allies in the Trenches or Midst Shot and Shell along the Aisne. NY: A. L. Burt Co. (1916) 256 pages. VG Condition. (Stock 003BoyAllies0817b) $15.00 SOLD

The Boy Allies at Liege or Through Lines of Steel. NY: A. L. Burt Co. (1915) 256 pages. VG Condition. (Stock 003BoyAllies0817c) $15.00 SOLD

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