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Burns Mantle Best Plays Series Books

Each volume contains the text of the plays and a review of the season. All of these volumes are in very good condition with a minimum of shelf wear.

The Best Plays of 1909-1919. The Easiest Way (Eugene Walter). Mrs. Bumpstead-Leigh (Harry James Smith) Disraeli (Louis Napolean Parker), Romance (Edward Sheldon), Seven Keys To Baldpate (George M. Cohan). On Trial (Elmer Rice), The Unchastened Woman (Louis Kaufman Anpacher), Good Gracious Annabelle (Clare Kummer), Why Marry? (Jesse Lynch Williams), John Ferguson (St. John Ervine) (Stock number 003burns6) $30.00 SOLD

The Best Plays of 1919-20. Abraham Lincoln (John Drinkwater), Beyond the Horizon (Eugene O'Neill), The Famous Mrs. Fair (John Forbes), Declassee (Zoe Atkins), Jane Clegg (St. John Ervine), The Jest (Sem Benelli), Wedding Bells (Salisbury Field), Mamma's Affair (Rachel Barton Butler), Adam and Eva (Guy Bolton and George Middleton), Clarence (Booth Tarkington) (Stock number 003burns1919-20) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1920-1921. Debura (Sacha Guitry), The First Year(Frank Craven), Enter Madame (Gilda Varesi and Dolly Byrne), The Green Goddess (William Archer), Liliom (Frank Molnar), Mary Rose (J.M. Barrie), Nice People (Rachel Crothers), The Bad Man (Porte Emerson Brown), Emperor Jones (Eugene O'Neill), The Skin Game (John Galsworthy) (Stock number 003burns1920-21) Ex library. $30.00

The Best Plays of 1921-1922. Anna Christie (Eugene O'Neill), A Bill of Divorcement ( Clemence Dane ), Dulct (George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly ), He Who Gets Slapped ( Leonid Nikolayevic Androyev ), Six-Cylinder Love ( William Anthony McGuire ), The Hero ( Gilbert Emery ), The Dover Road (A.A. Milne ), Ambush ( Arthur Richman ), The Circle ( William Somerset Maugham ), The Nest ( Paul Geraldy ) Ex library. (Stock number 003burns1921-22) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1922-1923. Rain (John Colton and Clemence Randolph) , You and I (Phillip Barry), Loyalties (John Galsworthy), Icebound (Owen Davis), Why Not? (John Lynch Williams), The Fool (Channing Pollock), Merton of the Movies (George Kaufman and Marc Connelly), The Old Soak (Don Marquis), R.U.R. (Karel Capek), Mary the 3D (Rachel Crothers) (Stock number 003burns1922-23) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1923-1924. The Show-Off (George Kelly), Hell-bent Fer Heaven (Hatcher Hughes), The Swan (Ferenc Molnar), Outward Bound (Sutton Vane ), The Goose Hangs High ( Lewis Beach), Beggar on Horseback (George Kaufman and Marc Connelly ), The Changelings (Lee Wilson Dodd ), Sun-Up (Lula Vollmer ), Chicken Feed ( Gay Bolton ), Tarnish ( Gilbert Emery ) (Stock number 003burns1923-24) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1924-1925. What Price Glory? (Laurence Stallings and Maxwell Anderson), They Knew What They Wanted (Sidney Howard), Desire Under The Elms (Eugene O'Neill) The Firebrand (Edwin Justus Mayer), Dancing Mothers (Edgar Selwyn and Edmund Goulding), Mrs. Partridge Presents ( Mary Kennedy and Ruth Hawthorne), The Fall Guy (James Gleason and George Abbott), The Youngest (Philip Barry), Minick (Edna Ferbe and George S. Kaufman), Wild Bords (Don Totheroh) (Stock number 003burns1924-25) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1925-26. Craig's Wife (George Kelly), The Great God Brown (Eugene O'Neill), The Green Hat (Michael Arlen), The Dybbuk (Channing Pollock), The Enemy (Channing Pollock), The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (Frederick Lonsdale), Bride of the Lamb (William Hurlbut), The Wisom Tooth (Marc Connelly), The Butler and the Egg Man (George Kaufman), Young Woodley (John van Druten). (Stock number 003burns1925-26) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1926-27. Broadway (Phillip Dunning and George Abbott), Saturday's Children (Maxwell Anderson), Chicago (Maurine Watkins), The Constant Wife (William Somerset Maugham), The Play's The Thing (Ferene Molnar and P.G. Woodhouse); The Road to Rome (Robert Sherwood), The Silver Cord (Sidney Howard), The Cradle Song (John Underhill), Daisy Mayme (George Kelly), In Abraham's Bosum (Paul Green). (Stock number 003burns1926-27) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1927-28. Strange Interlude (Eugene O'Neill), The Royal Family (Edna Ferber and George Kaufman), Burlesque (George Manker Watters and Arthur Hopkins), Coquette (George Abbott and Ann Bridgers), Behold the Bridegroom (George Kelly), Porgy (Du Bose Heywood), Paris Bound (Philip Barry), Escape (John Galsworthy), The Racket (Bartlett Cormack), The Plough and Stars (Sean O'Casey) Ex library. (Stock number 003burns1927-28) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1928-29. Street Scene (Elmer Rice), Journey's End (R.C. Sherriff); Wings Over Europe (Robert Nichols and Maurice Brown), Holiday (Philip Barry), The Front Page (Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur), Let Us Be Gay (Rachel Crothers), Machinal (Sophie Treadwell), Little Accident (Floyd Dell and Thomas Mitchell), Gypsy (Maxwell Anderson), The Kingdom of God (G. Martinez Sierra) (Stock number 003burns1928-29) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1929-30. The Green Pastures (Marc Connelly), The Criminal Code (Martin Flavin), Berkeley Square (John Balderston), Strictly Dishonorable (Preston Sturgis), The Last Mile (John Wexley), The First Mrs. Fraser (St. John Ervine), June Moon (Ring Lardner and George S. Kaufman), Michael and Mary (A.A. Milne), Death Takes A Holiday (Walter Ferris), Rebound (Donald Ogden Stewart). (Stock number 003burns1929-30) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1930-31. Elizabeth the Queen (Maxwell Anderson), Tomorrow and Tomorrow (Philip Barry), One in a Lifetime (Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman), Green Grow The Lilacs (Lynn Riggs), As Husbands Go (Rachel Crothers), Alison;s House (Susan Glaspell), Five Star Final (Louis Weitzenkorn), Overture (William Bolitho), The Barretts of Wimpole Street (Rudolf Besier), Grand Hotel (Vicki Baum) (Stock number 003burns1930-31) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1931-32. Of Thee I Sing (George S. Kaufman, Morrie Ryskin, George and Ira Gershwin), Mourning Becomes Electra (Eugene O'Neill), Reunion in Vienna (Robert Emmet Sherwood), The House of Connelly (Paul Green), The Animal Kingdom (Philip Barry), The Left Bank (Elmer Rice), Brief Moment (S.N. Behrman), Another Language (Rose Franken), The Devil Passes (Benn W. Levy), Cynara (H.M. Harwood and R.F. Gore-Browne) (Stock number 003burns1931-32) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1932-33. Both Your Houses (Maxwell Anderson), Dinner at Eight (George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber), When Ladies Meet (Rachel Crowthers), Design for Living (Noel Coward), Biography (S.N. Behrman), Alien Corn (Sidney Howard), The Late Christopher Bean (Sidney Howard), We The People (Elmer Rice), Pigeons and People (George M. Cohan), One Sunday Afternoon (James Hagan) Ex library. (Stock number 003burns1932-33) $30.00 SOLD

The Best Plays of 1933-34. Mary of Scotland (Maxwell Anderson), Men in White (Sidney Kingsley), Dodsworth (Sidney Howard), Ah, Wilderness! (Eugene O'Neill_, The Shall Not Die (John Wexley), Her Master's Voice (Clark Kummer), No More Ladies (A.E. Thomas), Wednesday's Child (Leopold Atlas), The Shining Hour (Keith Winter), The Green Bay Tree (Mordaunt Shairp). (Stock number 003burns1933-34) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1934-35. The Children's Hour (Lillian Hellman), Valley Forge (Maxwell Anderson), The Petrified Forest (Robert Sherwood), The Old Maid (Zoe Akins), Accent on Youth (Samson Raphaelson), Merrily We Roll Along (George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart), Awake and Sing (Clifford Odets), The Farmer Takes A Wife (Frank S. Elser and Marc Connely), Lost Horizons (John Hayden), The Distaff Side (John Van Druten) Ex library. (Stock number 003burns1934-35) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1935-36. Winterset (Maxwell Anderson), Idiot's Delight (Robert E. Sherwood), End of Summer (S.N. Behrman), First Lady (Katherine Dayton and George S. Kaufman), Victoria Regina (Laurence Housman), Boy Meets Girl (Bella and Samuel Spewack), Dead End (Sidney Kingsley), Call It A Day (Dodie Smith), Ethan Frome (Owen Davis and Donald Davis), Pride and Prejudice (Helen Jerome). (Stock number 003burns1935-36) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1936-37. High Tor (Maxwell Anderson), You Can't Take It With You (Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman), Johnny Johnson (Paul Green), Daughters of Atreus (Robert Turney), Stage Door (Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman), The Women (Clare Boothe), St. Helena (R.C. Sherriff and Jeanne De Casalis), Yes, My Darloing Daughter (Mark Reed), Excursion (Victor Wolfson), Tovarich (Jacques Deval and Robert E. Sherwood). (Stock number 003burns1936-37) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1937-38. Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck), Our Town (Thornton Wilder), Shadow and Substance (Paul Vincent Carroll), On Borrowed Time (Paul Osborn), The Star-Wagon (Maxwell Anderson), Susan and God (Rachel Crothers), Prologue to Glory (E.P. Conkle), Amphitryon 38 (S.N. Behrman), Golden Boy (Clifford Odets), What A Life (Clifford Goldsmith). Ex library. (Stock number 003burns1937-38) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1938-39. Abe Lincoln in Illinois (Robert E.Sherwood), The Little Foxes (Lillian Hellman), Rocket to the Moon (Clifford Odets), The American Way (George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart), No Time for Comedy (S.N. Behrman), The Philadelphia Story (Philip Barry), The White Steed (Paul Vincent Carroll), Here Comes The Clowns (Phillip Barry), Family Pportrait (Lenore Coffee and William Joyce Cowen), Kiss The Boys Goodbye (Clare Booth) (Stock number 003burns1938-39) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1939-40. There Shall Be No Night (Robert E. Sherwood), Key Largo (Maxwell Anderson), The World We Make (Sidney Kingsley), Life With Father (Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse), The Man Who Came To Dinner (George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart), The Male Animal (James Thurber and Elliott Nugent), The Time of Your Life (William Saroyan), Skylark (Samson Raphaelson), Margin for Error (Clare Boothe), Morning's At Seven (Paul Osborn). (Stock number 003burns21) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1940-41. Native Son (Paul Green and Richard Wright), Watch on the Rhine (Lillian Hellman), The Corn is Green (Emlyn Williams), Lady in the Dark (Moss Hart), Arsenic and Old Lace (Joseph Kesselring), My Sister Eileen (Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov), Flight to the West (Elmer Rice), Claudia (Rose Franken), Mr. and Mrs. North (Owen Davis), George Washington Slept Here (George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart) (Stock number 003burns1940-41) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1941-42. In Time to Come (Howard Koch and John Huston), The Moon is Down (John Steinbeck), Blithe Spirit (Noel Coward), Junior Miss (Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields), Candle in the Wind (Maxwell Anderson), Letter to Lucerne (Fritz Rotter and Allen Vincent), Jason (Samson Raphaelspn), Angel Street (Patrick Hamilton), Uncle Harry (Thomas Job), Hope for a Harvest (Sophie Treadwell) (Stock number 003burns1941-42) $30.00 SOLD

The Best Plays of 1942-43. The Patriots (Sidney Kingsley), The Eve of St. Mark (Maxwell Anderson), The Skin of Our Teeth (Thornton Wilder), Winter Soldiers (Dan James), Tomorrow The World (James Gow and Arnaud D'Usseau), Harriet (Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements), The Doughgirls (Joseph Fields), The Damask Cheek (John Van Druten and Lloyd Morris), Kiss and Tell (F. Hugh Herbert), Oklahoma (Oscar Hammerstein 2nd and Richard Rogers). Dust Jacket. (Stock number 003burns1942-43) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1943-44. Winged Victory (Moss Hart), The Searching Wind (Lillian Hellman), The Voice of the Turtle (John Van Druten), Decision (Edward Chodorov), Over 21 (Ruth Gordon), Outrageous Fortune (Rose Franken), Jacobowsky and the Colonel (S.N. Behrman), Storm Operation (Maxwell Anderson), Pick-Up Girl (Elsa Shelley), The Innocent Voyage (Paul Osborn). (Stock number 003burns1943-44) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1944-45. A Bell for Adano (Paul Osborn), I Remember Mama (John Van Druten), The Hasty Heart (John Patrick), The Glass Menageries (Tennessee Williams), Harvey (Mary Chase), The Late George Apley (John P. Marquand and George S. Kaufman), Soldier's Wife (Rose Franken), Anna Lucasta (Philip Yordan), Foolish Notion (Philip Barry), Dear Ruth (Norman Krasna), Dust Jacket.. (Stock number 003burns1944-45) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1945-46. State of the Union. (Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse), Home of the Brave (Arthur Laurents), Deep Are The Roots (Arnaud D'Usseau and James Gow), The Magnificent Yankee (Emmet Lavery), Antigone (Louis Galantiere and Jean Anouilh), O Mistress Mine (Terrance Rattigan), Born Yesterday (Garson Kanin), Dream Girl (Elmer Rice), The Rugged Path (Robert E. Sherwood), Lute Song (Will Irwin and Sidney Howard). (Stock number 003burns27) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1946-47. All My Sons (Arthur Miller), The Iceman Cometh (Eugene O'Neill), Joan of Lorraine (Maxwell Anderson), Another Part of the Forest (Lillian Hellman), Years Ago (Ruth Gordon), John Loves Mary (Norman Krasna), The Fatal Weakness (George Kelly), The Story of Mary Surratt (John Patrick), Christopher Blake (Moss Hart), Brigadoon (Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. Dust jacket.. (Stock number 003burns1946-47) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1947-48. A Streetcar Named Desire (Tennessee Williams), Mister Roberts (Thomas Heggen and Joshua Logan), Command Decision (William Wister Haines), The Winslow Boy (Terence Rattigan), The Heiress (Ruth and Augustus Goetz), Allegro (Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein 2nd), Eastward in Eden (Dorothy Gardner), Skipper Next to God (Jan De Hartog), An Inspector Calls (J.B. Priestley), Me and Molly (Gertrude Berg). Dust jacket. (Stock number 003burns1947-48) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1948-49. Death of A Salesman (Arthur Miller), Anne of the Thousand Days (Maxwell Anderson), The Madwoman of Chaillot (Jean Giraudoux), Detective Story (Sidney Kingsley), Edward, My Son (Robert Morley and Noel Langley), Life With Mother (Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse), Light Up The Sky (Moss Hart), The Silver Whistle (Robert E. McEnroe), Two Blind Mice (Samuel Spewack), Goodbye My Fancy (Fay Kanin). Dust jacket. (Stock number 003burns30) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1949-50. The Cocktail Party (T.S. Eliot), The Member of the Wedding (Carson McCullers), The Innocents (William Archibald), Lost in the Stars (Maxwell Anderson and Kurt Weill), Come Back, Little Sheba (William Inge), The Happy Time (Samuel Taylor), The Wisteria Trees Joshua Logan), I Know My Love (A.N. Behrman), The Enchanted (Jean Giraudoux), Clutterbuck (Benn W. Levy). .. (Stock number 003burns31) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1952-53. The Time of the Cuckoo (Arthur Laurents), Bernadine (Mary Chase), The Climate of Eden (Moss Hart), The Love of Four Colonels (Peter Ustinov), The Crucible (Arthur Miller), The Emperor's Clothes (George Tabori), Picnic (William Inge), Wonderful Town (Jerome Fields, Jerome Chodorov, Betty Comden and Adolph Green), My 3 Angels (Sam and Bella Spewack), Dust Jacket.. (Stock number 003burns1952-53) $30.00

The Best Plays of 1953-54. The Caine Mutiny Court Martial (Herman Wouk), In The Summer House (Jane Bowles), The Confidential Clerk (T.S. Eliot), Take A Giant Step (Louis Peterson), The Teahouse of the August Moon (John Patrick), The Imortalist (Ruth and Augustus Goetz), Tea and Sympathy (Robert Anderson), The Girl on the Via Flaminia (Alfred Hayes), The Golden Apple (John Latouche and Jerome Moross), The Magic and the Loss (Julian Funt). Dust jacket.. (Stock number 003burns33) $30.00 SOLD

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