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The Century Magazine 1900-1901 Bound Volumes

The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, spanning the transition from the 19th to the 20th century, provided a platform for new and established writers and artists. The fiction and non-fiction articles extended across the political, cultural, artistic, and literary spectrum of the day.

Vol. LXI. New Series: Vol. XXXIX - November 1900-April 1901. An account of The Paris Exposition of 1900 is included in this volume. However, the Exposition is truly captured in the charming woodcuts by Felix Vallotton. Well know artists Frederick Remington and Maxfield Parrish provide illustrations for works of fiction. Poetry by Paul Lawrence Dunbar and fiction by Jacob Riis and Henry James are included. The bound volume contains six issues of the magazine. Spine is separating. (Stock number 003Century00) $100.00

Felix Vallotton illustrates "In the Crowd at the Paris Exposition"

Maxfield Parrish

Frederick Remington

Vol. LXII. New Series: Vol. XL - May 1901-October 1901. A number of articles spotlight the Pan-American Exposition being held in Buffalo, New York. Drawings by Andre Castaigne and Harry Fenn accompany a lengthy article on the Exposition. The bound volume contains six issues of the magazine. Included are articles by Bret Harte, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, and Jacob Riis. Many important illustrators contributed to the magazine. Spine is separating. (Stock number 003Century01) $100.00

The Pan-American Exposition - The City of Light

Ernest Blumenschein

Article by Elizabeth Robins Pennell illustrated by Joseph Pennell

Howard Chandler Christy

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