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Late 19th Century Chapbooks - Multum in Parvo Library

Published monthly in Boston beginning in 1894 these 2 7/8" x 4", sixteen page booklets sold for a nickel each or fifty cents for a year's subscription. The publisher, A.B. Courtney called these booklets "Smallest Magazine in the World". Each booklet deals only with a single subject. Fine condition unless noted.

How to Get Rich. Volume 1. No 8 August 1894. Recipes for waxes, salves, soaps, cements and other products you can make at home. (Stock number 003Chap02) $15.00

Book of Detective Stories. Volume 1 No. 11 November 1894. From the diary of a New York Detective. (Stock number 003Chap03) SOLD

The Handy Manual. Volume 2 No. 15 March 1895. "A Veritable Mine of Useful and Interesting Statistics, Information, Etc." (Stock number 003Chap04) $15.00

The Unique Story Book. Volume 2 No. 17 May 1895 Includes interesting military stories and some of Abraham Lincoln's jokes (Stock number 003Chap05) $15.00

Gay Life in Paris. Volume 2 No. 18 June 1895 "How Life is Enjoyed by the People of that Great Metropolis. (Stock number 003Chap06) $15.00

Secrets for Women Only. Volume 2 No. 19 July 1895. "By A Famous English Actress" (Stock number 003Chap07) $15.00

Nuts to Crack. Volume 2 No. 20 August 1895. "A Galaxy of Puzzles, Riddles, Conundrums, Etc. (Stock number 003Chap08) $15.00

Military Manual. Volume 5 No. 57. September 1898. "How to Join the U. S. Army". Payscale, regulations, drill. Illustr. (Stock number 003Chap09) $15.00

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