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A Charming Selection of Scots Chapbooks

All of these delightful 24 page Children's chapbooks were published in Glasgow: and "Printed for the Booksellers". We date them as mid nineteenth century based on their appearance but they could indeed be earlier. Condition is very good - fine with major defects noted.

There books are sold.

Fun Upon Fun or Leper The Tailor. In Two Parts with a Selection of Enetertaining Anecdotes. No 34. Cut of woman with child reading on cover. $14.00 SOLD

The Long Pack or the Robbers Discovered: A Scottish Story by The Ettrick Shepard. No. 24. Cut of scotsman playing bagpipe on cover. Foxed. $12.00 SOLD

The Ghost of My Uncle. To Which is added, The Outwitted Tax-Gatherer. No. 25. Cut of village scene on cover. $14.00 SOLD

The History of Thomas Hickathrift. No. 75. Cut of building on cover. Uncut $15.00 SOLD

Story of Prince Lupin, Yellow Dwarf and the Three Wishes.. No. 7 Cut of village scene on cover. Other blockprints inside. $16.00 SOLD

The Scotch Haggis; A Selection of Choice Bon Mots, Irish Blunders, Repartees, Anecdotes, &c. No. 37. Cut of scotsman playing bagpipe on cover. Light staining Some spine wear. $15.00 SOLD

The History of Duncan Campbell and His Dog Oscar. No. 10 Cut of dog in weeds on cover. Light discoloration $15.00 SOLD

The Gude Wallace. To which is added Lord Thomas Stuart. No.76 Cut of knight on cover $15.00 SOLD

The Wife of Beith: Being an Allegorical Dialogue. Containing Nothing But What is Recorded in Scripture. No. 49 Cut of Woman, chilf and chickens on cover. $15.00 SOLD

Blind Allan, A tale, from "Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life." No. 69 $12.00 SOLD

The Famous History of the Two Unfortunate Lovers, Hero & Leander. No. 65 Cut of actor on cover. Remains of label on cover. $13.00 SOLD

The History of Charles Jones, the Footman. No. 45 Cut of young man with shovel on cover. Ink marks on cover, uncut. Foxed $12.00 SOLD

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