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Early Books on Collecting

Buck, J.H., "Old Plate", Its Makers and Marks, The Gorham Manufacturing Company, NY 1888, w/ 82 illus., a Bible in Silver and Silverplate, over 250 pgs. cond. F; foxing on frontspiece pages. (Stock number 269bk40) SOLD

Chaffers, WM. "Collectors' Handbook of Marks & Monograms on Pottery & Porcelain", Borden Publ. Co., Los Angeles & Toronto, 13th Ed. "The New Chaffers", 1913?, English Ed., Great sections on Maiolica, Fayence, early Chinese & Japanese Porcelain Hall Marks, 1700's Sevres, and many other rare marks, VG, (Stock number 269bk41) SOLD.

McKearin, George S & Helen, "American Glass", Crown Publishers, NY, 1941, 2000 photoraphs, 1000 illus., over 600 pgs. a Bible for early American Glass collectors, VG, (Stock number 269bk42) SOLD

The Crosby Frisian Fur Co., "Custom Tanning, Taxidermy and Head Mounting", Rochester, NY, 1919, WWI, VERY politically incorrect today, this company "catalogue", 46 pgs. includes photos of elephant tanning baths, and sorting Roosevelt's Trophies for shipment, this catalogue details with amazing photos and text a time when "wearing furs" was "a good thing", cond. F, (Stock number 269bk43 )SOLD.

Radcliffe, A.G., "Schools & Masters of Painting", D. Appleton and Co., NY, 1877, illus. B&W, cond. F, (Stock number 269bk44) SOLD

Century Furniture Company, "Furniture" as Interpreted by the Century Furniture Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2nd Ed., 1927, Great photos of original and reproduction furniture. Mint. (Stock number 269bk45) SOLD

Gardner, Will, "The Clock That Talks and What It Tells", A history and portrait of Nantucket, MA clock and watchmaker Walter Folger, Jr.; Whaling Museum Publications, 1954, with b/jacket, F, (Stock number 269bk46) SOLD

Drepperd, Carl W., "First Reader for Antique Collectors", Doubleday & Co., NY, 1947, with b/jacket, VG, illustrated with "tips" about "repros" available at that time. (Stock number 269bk47) SOLD

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