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The Cook's Oracle and Housekeeper's Manual - 1832 Cookbook

This is the oldest cookbook we have ever offered for sale. The 432 page leather bound book is in remarkably good condition for its age. There is some rubbing on the spine and cover and the pages are somewhat discolored but there is no evidence of foxing and the spine and pages are tight. The title page reads as follows:

Harper's Stereotype Edition. The Cook's Oracle; and Housekeeper's Manual. Containing Receipts for Cookery and Directions for Carving. Also, The art of composing the most simple and most highly finished broths, gravies, soups, sauces, store sauces, and flavouring essences; pastry, preserves, puddings, pickles, &c. With a complete system of cookery for Catholic Families. The quantity of each article is accurately stated by weight and measure; being the result of actual experiments instituted in the kitchen of William Kitchiner, M.D. Adapted to the American Public by a Medical Gentleman. From the last London edition. New York: Printed and Published by J. & J. Harper, No. 82 Cliff Street and sold by the principal booksellers throughout the United States. 1832. Note that this volume, which preceded the Irish potato famine by some 13 years, specifically mentioned recipes for Catholics at a time when there were relatively few Catholics in the country. An important and fascinating document of American social history.

(Stock number 003cb1832) $350.00

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