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Culinary Arts Institute - Cookery Booklets

Culinary Arts Institute Cook Books were classics of their period. Each of these booklets offered recipes for good nutritious food with little pretense. Edited by Ruth Berolzheimer, the Director of the Institute. Each paperbound cookbook is $10.00. All are in Very Good - Fine Condition

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250 Classic Cake Recipes 1940 (Stock number 004culin35)

250 Classic Cake Recipes 1954 (Stock number 004culin36)

The Candy Book 1941 (Stock number 004culin27)

The Candy Book 1941 (Stock number 004culin11)

The Casserole Book 1955 (Stock number 004culin18)

The Cookie 1951(Stock number 004culin37)

The Creole Cookbook 1955 (Stock number 004culin23)

300 Dairy Dishes 1940 (Stock number 004culin38)

300 Dairy Dishes 1950 (Stock number 004culin39)

143 Entertaining 6 or 8 1956 (Stock number 004culin29)

250 Fish and Seafood Recipes 1940 (Stock number 004culin07)

152 The Gourmet Foods Cookbook 1955 (Stock number 004culin24)

500 Delicious Dishes From Leftovers 1952 (Stock number 004culin02)

500 Delicious Dishes From Leftovers 1940 (Stock number 004culin19)

300 Meals for Two Cookbook 1942 (Stock number 004culin14)

300 Meals for Two Cookbook 1954 (Stock number 004culin45)

250 Ways to Prepare Meat 1940 (Stock number 004culin06)

250 Ways to Prepare Meat 1950 (Stock number 004culin40)

Menus for Every Day of the Year 1952 (Stock number 004culin15)

250 Superb Pies and Pastries 1950 (Stock number 004culin04)

250 Ways of Serving Potatos 1941 (Stock number 004culin26)

250 Ways to Prepare Poultry and Game Birds 1940 (Stock number 004culin02)

250 Ways to Prepare Poultry and Game Birds 1951 (Stock number 004culin03)

Quick Dinners for the Woman in a Hurry 1942 (Stock number 004culin35)

Quick Dishes for the Woman in A Hurry 1955 (Stock number 004culin16)

250 Luscious Refrigerator Desserts 1941 (Stock number 004culin12)

250 Luscious Refrigerator Desserts 1952 (Stock number 004culin41)

250 Luscious Refrigerator Desserts 1954 (Stock number 004culin42)

247 Salads and Salad Dressings 1957 (Stock number 004culin22)

500 Tasty Sandwiches 1952 (Stock number 004culin09)

500 Tasty Sandwiches 1954 (Stock number 004culin10)

500 Snacks 1940 (Stock number 004culin17)

500 Tasty Snacks 1953 (Stock number 004culin01)

250 Delicious Soup Recipes 1951 (Stock number 004culin05)

161 Cooking with Sour Cream and Buttermilk 1956 (Stock number 004culin33)

173 The Southern and Southwestern Cookbook 1956 (Stock number 004culin34)

161 Sunday Light Suppers 1956 (Stock number 004culin31)

2,000 Useful Facts about Food 1941 (Stock number 004culin44)

250 Ways to Serve Fresh Vegetables 1940 (Stock number 004culin08)

250 Ways to Serve Fresh Vegetables 1950 (Stock number 004culin43)

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