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Turn of the Century Detective Paperback Novels

The Magnet Detective Library from Street & Smith was noted primarily for the publication of the stories of Nick Carter. However they also put out the best of other American and foreign detective stories. From the late 19th through the early 20th centuries a vast number of titles were available to the public for only 10 cents a copy. As is typical for their age and materials the books that we are offering all have discolored pages, some soiling, chips and tears in the covers and some spine loss. All are complete. Other defects are noted.

No. 13 Rue Marlot by Rene de Pont-Jest (Magnet Detective Library No. 96) NY: Street & Smith. Copyright 1880, 1899. 259 pages. (Stock number 003bk0211da) $15.00

The Red Camellia by Fortune DuBoisgobey (Magnet Detective Library No. 64) NY: Street & Smith. Not dated. 257 pages. (Stock number 003bk0211dd) $15.00

The Handkerchief Clue by Harry Rockwood (and The Boston Detective) (Magnet Detective Library No. 178) NY: Street & Smith. Copyright 1884, 1901. 249 pages. (Stock number 003bk0211dc) $15.00 SOLD

The Fate of Austin Craige by Scott Campbell (Magnet Detective Library No. 190) NY: Street & Smith. Copyright 1890, 1901. 207 pages. (Stock number 003bk0211db) $15.00 SOLD

The Abbey Murder by Joseph Hatton Cleveland: Arthur Westbrook Co. Not dated. 151 pages. Rear cover missing, cover taped, paper fragile. (Stock number 003bk0211de) $15.00 SOLD

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