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Vintage "Dream Books"

The Star Series of Egyptian. Western Printing Co.: Racine, WI No date. 64 page softcover. No numbers. 4" x 5.25" VG (003dream15) $30.00

New Gipsy Dream Book and Fortune Teller with Supplementary Johnson Smith & Co. Catalogue of Surprising novelties, puzzles, tricks, joke goods, useful articles, etc. No date or pagination. No numbers. Softcover. 5" x 7.5" VG (003dream16) $30.00

The National Dream Book by Mme. Claire Rougemont. David McKay, Publisher, Philadelphia. 188 page hardcover. 1901. (003dream7) $35.00

Dream Book by Madame Xanto. The Penn. Publishing Co.: Philadelphia, 1909. 177 page hardcover. 4.5" x 6.25" VG (003dream12) $30.00

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