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A Selection of Entertainment Biographies

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(Allen, Steve) Steve Allen. Mark It and Strike It - An Autobiography. NY:Holt, Rinehart & Winston. 1960. 432 pages. Ex Library G. $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio152)

(Astaire, Fred) Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire Steps in Time - An Autobiography. NY:Harper & Bros. 1959 Ex Library $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio151)

(Barr, Rosanne) Rosanne Barr. My Life As A Woman. NY: Harper. 1989. 2nd ptg $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio101)

(Bergman, Ingrid) Ingrid Bergman and Alan Burgess. Ingrid Bergman. My Story. NY:Delacorte 1980 Book Club Ed. F/F $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio102)

(Bitzer, Billy) Billy Bitzer His Story. The Autobiography of D.W. Griffith's Master Camerman. NY: Farrar Straus 1973. First Printing. Fine with Fine Dustjacker.$15.00 SOLD (Stock number 003entbio156)

(Burns, George) George Burns. Gracie. A Love Story, NY:Putnam's 1988 Bookclub edition. Previous owner's bookplate. VF/VF $20.00 (Stock number 003entbio104)

(Burns, George) George Burns. All My Best Friends. Written with David Fisher. NY: Putnam's 1989.First Printing. VF/VF $25.00 (Stock number 003entbio105)

(Cantor, Eddie) Eddie Cantor with Jane Kesner Ardmore. Take My Life. Garden City: Doubleday. 1957. First Edition Good with dustjacket. Inscription to previous ower on flyleaf. Flyleaves discolored. Dust jacket has tears. $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio106)

(Capra, Frank) Frank Capra. The Name Above the Title. NY:Macmillan VG $22.00 (Stock number 003entbio107)

(Chaney, Lon) Robert G. Anderson. Faces, Forms, Films - The Artistry of Lon Chaney. NY:A.S. Barnes & Co. 1971 F/VGdj $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio108)

(Crawford, Joan) Bob Thomas. Joan Crawford. NY:Simon & Schuster. 1978 1st ptg. F/F $22.00 (Stock number 003entbio109)

(Dietrich, Marlene) Alexander Liberman. Marlene Dietrich. An Intimate Photographic Memoir. NY: Random House. 1992. First Edition. Fine in Fine Dustjacket. Includes The Best of Marlene Dietrich - audio CD. $25.00 (Stock number 003entbio110)

(Douglas, Kirk) The Ragman's Son. An Autobiography. NY: Simon and Schuster 1988. 1st ptg. F/F $22.00 (Stock number 003entbio111)

(Fields, W.C. ) William K. Everson. The Art of WC Fields. Indianapolis:Bobbs Merrill. 1967. VG $15.00 (Stock number 003entbio112)

(Fields, W.C.) Robert Lewis Taylor. W.C. Fields. His Follies and Fortunes. Garden City:Doubleday. 1949 F/VG $15.00 (Stock number 003entbio113)

(Ford, John)Andrew Sinclair. John Ford. A Biography. London:Lorrimer. 1st Paperback Ed. F $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio114)

(Gabor, Jolie) Cindy Adams. Jolie Gabor. NY: Mason-Charter 1975 First Printing VF/F $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio115)

(Gish, Lillian) Lillian Gish. The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me. Englewood Cliffs:Prentice Hall. 1969 2nd Ptg F/F $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio116)

(Gish, Lillian) Lillian Gish. The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me. Englewood Cliffs:Prentice Hall. 1969 2nd Ptg VG/VG $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio117)

(Griffith, D. W.) Harry M. Geduld, ed. Focus on D.W. Griffith. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall. 1971. 182 pages. Paperback. G Rubbed edges, corner folds, soiled. $7.00 (Stock number 003entbio154)

(Hart, Moss) Moss Hart. Act One - An Autobiography. NY: Random House. 1959. 444 pages. F/F. $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio155)

(Havoc, June) June Havoc. More Havoc. NY: Harper & Row. 1980 First Ed. F/VG $25.00 (Stock number 003entbio118)

(Hayes, Helen) Helen Hayes and Anita Loos. Twice Over Lightly. New York Then and Now. NY: Harcourt. (1972 ) F/VG $16.00 (Stock number 003entbio119)

(Hearst, William Randolph) Marion Davies. The Times We Had. Life with William Randolph Hearst. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill. 1975 1st ptg. F/VG $22.00 (Stock number 003entbio120)

(Hearst, William Randolph) Oliver Carlson and Ernest Sutherland Bates. Hearst. Lord of San Simeon. NY: Viking 1936. First Ed. VG $22.00 (Stock number 003entbio121)

(Hepburn, Katherine) Katherine Hepburn. The Making of The African Queen. NY:Knopf 1987. Later printing PB F $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio122)

(Hepburn, Katherine) Katherine Hepburn. Me. Stories of My Life. NY: Knopf.. 1991 First Edition. VF/F $25.00 (Stock number 003entbio123)

(Newman, Edwin) Edwin Newman. A Civil Tongue.. Indianapolis:Bobbs Merrill 1976 First ptg. F/VF $20.00 (Stock number 003entbio127)

(Presley, Elvis) Favious Friedman. Meet Elvis Presley. NY: Scholastic 3rd printing 1971. Paperback. 125 pages. Cover tear at top center, some coverc creases. Inside clean. VG $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio128)

(Presley, Elvis) Richard Wootton. Elvis!. NY:Random House. 1985. First American Edition. Paperback. 127 pages. VG-F $15.00 (Stock number 003entbio129)

(Rogers, Will) Paula McSpadden Love. The Will Rogers Book. Indianapolis:Bobbs-Merrill 1961 1st ed. F/VG dj $15.00 (Stock number 003entbio130)

(Rogers, Will) P.J. O'Brien. Will Rogers. Ambassador of Good Will. Prince of Wit and Wisdom. Chicago: Winston 1935 VG. Illustrated $15.00 (Stock number 003entbio131)

(Rogers, Will) Richard M. Ketchum Will Rogers. The Man and His Times. NY American Heritage 1973 F/F $15.00 (Stock number 003entbio132)

(Rose, Billy) Billy Rose. Wine, Women and Words. Illust by Salvador Dali. NY:Simon & Schuster 1948 VG $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio133)

(Shakespeare, William) Marchette Chute Shakespeare of London NY:E.P. Dutton 1949. 397 pages. VG $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio147)

(Silverman, Sime) Dayton Stoddart. Lord Broadway - Variety's Sime. NY:Wilfred Funk. 1941. 385 pages. G-VG Rubbed edges. $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio149)

(Smith, Kate) Kate Smith. Upon My Lips A Song. NY:Funk & Wagnalls. 1960 F/F $22.00 (Stock number 003entbio134)

(Taylor, Elizabeth) Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Takes Off. NY Putnams: 1987. 1st printing VF/VF $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio136)

(Taylor, Elizabeth) Kitty Kelley. Elizabeth Taylor. The Last Star. NY:Simon & Schuster 1981. Book Club ED. $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio137)

(Temple, Shirley) Anne Edwards. Shirley Temple:American Princess. NY:Morrow . 1988 Book Club ED F/Fdj $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio138)

(Three Stooges) Jeffrey Forrester. The Stooge Chronicles. Chicago: Contemporary 1981 F PB $14.00 (Stock number 003entbio139)

(Richard Wagner & Franz Liszt) Translated into English with a preface by Francis Hueffer. The Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt. Vol. 1 1841-1853. London: H. Grevel & Co. 352 pages. Spine rubbed, cover has slight discoloration. 1897 $35.00 (Stock number 003entbio157)

(White, Pearl) Manuel Weltman and Raymond Lee. Pearl White, The Peerless Fearless Girl. S. Brunswick & NY:A.S. Barnes & Co. 1969 F/F $12.00 (Stock number 003entbio142)

(Whittier, Frank L.) Charles Leroy Whittier. Dear Dad - Our Life in the Theatre Around the Turn of the Century. Freeport:Bond Wheelwright . 1972 F Paperback $8.00 (Stock number 003entbio150)

(Wilder, Billy) Billy Wilder. The 14th Annual American Film Instiitute Life Achievement Award. March 6, 1986 Diner Program. F. $25.00 (Stock number 003entbio143)

(Wilk, Max) Max Wilk. Every Day's a Matinee - Memoirs Scribbled on a Dressing Room Door. NY:W.W. Norton. 1975. 288 pages. Ex Library VG. $10.00 (Stock number 003entbio153)

(Women in Country Music, The Saga of) Bufwack, Mary A. and Oermann, Robert K. Finding Her Voice - The Saga of Women in Country Music. NY: Crown Publishers. 1993. 594 pages. Dust jacket and book like new. $20.00 (Stock number 003entbio158)

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